Going-away Pub Crawl for the Beeleys

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March 1, 2002
It is our custom to see off a good mate by herding him and his drunken friends from bar to bar in Rice Village.  To honor the Beeleys upcoming departure, we hit the Baker Street Pub, the new Irish Pub (no one seems to know the name!), the Bronx Bar, Little Woodrow's, and the GingerMan.    It was a "jolly good time!"



Nap time!

  Amy dragged this Pirate over from somewhere 
and it seemed like a Kodak moment
  I have a picture of Eric sitting off by himself at pretty much every party and festival we've ever attended.  Here he is rockin' the joint at Little Woodrows.
  Chris seems to be a kindred spirit for Eric, they need breaks from the party to think some deep thoughts 

 Erec, Don, and Cousin It


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