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My good friend Amy Jones (Dec. 18) and I (Dec. 24) celebrated our birthdays together this year.  We had a big group dinner at Buca di Beppo - a nice family-style Italian restaurant on Wednesday, Dec. 19.  We were very happy that so many of our friends could join us during this busy Holiday season.  Our friend Heather Rosenstein did a great job of coordinating the evening for us, she set us up with a great meal.  I think everyone enjoyed the experience, I know I did!
Here's the whole gang,
having good food and
a great time!




A toast.  I think it was actually the people at the next table who were toasting, but we joined in anyway!


As you can see in the center picture, Eleanor did not like the noise level in the party room. 


  PJ being mauled by the ladies

After years of trying, I finally got a picture of Jenny with her eyes open!!!

Amy, digging in to dessert with a serving spoon.


Amy & her friend Brian

Heather, busy with the high finance part of the evening.  /  Amy eating dessert - still using the serving spoon!

Heather, still hard at work counting that money!