International Student Tour of OKC
January 2017

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Each January, Northwest Baptist Church puts on a big conference for missionary-minded folk and for internationals who are seeking to know more about Jesus.  This year I accompanied other volunteers from the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries) and these seekers on a tour of Oklahoma City that was part of this conference.  It was bitterly cold that day, one of the few really nasty days we had this winter, but we were not daunted!  We toured the city, then served at the Food Bank in the afternoon.  It was great. 
 The conference started with worship from our friends Sam and Chelsey. Our friend Edison served as emcee of the event. 
 Here we are, ready to tour the OKC Bombing Memorial. The memorial grounds
 The empty chairs Japanese friend Masa
 Pretty bird drinking at the memorial Getting a history of the bombing and the memorial from the ranger
 The survivor tree
Students looking around near the "before" gate
Next was the botanical gardens, where we made quick forays into the cold, then back into
the gift shop to thaw out.
Although some students decided to just nap in the sun.  Looks nice! 
 Next we stopped at the Wheeler Ferris Wheel for some great photo ops Group photo

Fun with the giant OKC letters

  My friend Miki got behind me to stay warm (using me for a wind 
block) and it caught on.  
 Here we are at the Food Bank.  Thanks goes to my friend Richard
 for the photos.
 We bagged frozen corn that day, and did a fine job of it too! 
Pay no attention to the fact that I was just standing there rocking my hair net while 
everyone else was working.  I was supervising! 

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