Express Clydesdales & Cookout
Friday, October 30, 2015

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The BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) hosted a fun event at the Express Temporary Services Clydesdale barn one rainy Friday evening. It had been planned as a cookout and hay ride, but thankfully the facility let us change it into an indoor meal with line dancing afterward.  The kids had a great time. 
 Rachel, looking lovely with a Clydesdale friend Cheng and Lin, these guys are great friends
 The horse is eating her shirt!  Ice, dancing with the horses
 Rachel & Susan (Dai YingYing and Zhang Zhihou)  Horse love - they were named "King" and "Queen"
 All smiles upstairs for dinner  
  Oliver saw me coming and had to clown around, as always!  
   Bobbing for apples.  This guy had to get very serious about it! 
   We forgot to remove the stems so Jianan took advantage of that
 Line dancing The sweetest cat ever. It was very lovey.  
Never let it be said that I allowed a sweet cat to go unpetted!  

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