BCM Camping Trip
October 2018

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We were blessed to be included in a camping trip that took place in early October.  Each year the BCM sponsors a camp out for the international students, most of whom have never gone camping in their lives.  It is always a fun time taking these kids out for some outdoor adventures.  This year we took Buddy, and he had the most fun of all! 

Here Pei and Yen play Frisbee, while Buddy imagines they are playing with him.
He ran himself ragged trying to catch that thing.  

  He looks so joyous when he's running full-out. 

Buddy finally got the Frisbee!  He would return it, but then refuse to let go.  Bad manners! 
Yen, trying unsuccessfully to communicate with Buddy.  

Our camping spot by Lake Lawtonka

  Emily's in-laws joined us and they had this beautiful kitten with them.

With each passing hour, the sky got more and more beautiful.

  Buddy, trying to play while making sure he's not missing out on any other action.
 This is how Subaru's are intended to be used!   

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