Augusta, MT
June 2020

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We spent a lovely weekend visiting friends in Augusta, MT in early June.  It was a really fun time.  
It was a long drive over, so we stopped in Essex, MT for a relaxing lunch in the sunshine.  The Izaak Walton Inn, a beautiful spot.  People own cabooses here that are converted
into campers and are permanently parked around the area.  It's lovely.  
   Roadside waterfall family photo
   More sights along the drive.
 Buddy meeting his new doggie friends.  They were a little big and a little
 too energetic for him, they made him nervous!  
On a 4-wheeler tour of the beautiful ranch. 
 Buddy got in trouble for wandering too far, Eric had to go fetch him.  Now he has to ride with me in the side-by-side.  

Beautiful views all around. 

  Enjoying the waterfall and good friends. 

Such gorgeous views! 

 Buddy is not happy about being on-leash, but he lost his privileges!    

The ranch buildings in their lovely setting. 

 This herd of elk crossed the road right in front of us.   

On our last day we took a nice, long walk. 

  My handsome dude. 

Us ladies, lagging behind the men so we could talk! 

  Ivan and Murphy, having a blast

That's Buddy's nervous face, as the other dogs were taking an interest in him again.  :-) 

  Water dogs! 
 Another lovely view seen from the drive home.  It was a great weekend!    

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