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December 21, 2016

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One lovely, warm, December afternoon, I decided to stop in at my happy place to take a few pictures and a short walk.  I only had my phone camera but the sky was so neat looking that even it did a good job of capturing it. 
 The clouds were showing off that day, and the wind was non-existent, making the water
 as smooth as glass. Beautiful.
Still admiring the clouds.
 On my walk I saw a pile of yellow debris on the north side of a tree. Then I noticed there was a yellow debris pile on the same side of every tree I could see.

Horse Apple, which I always want to (incorrectly) call a Crab Apple. 

Gran used to cut these up and put them around her house on little saucers
as a natural bug repellant.  The things we remember...

 Walking further I spotted a horse apple tree with a HUGE pile of debris.  I guess the 
 squirrels sit there and pull the fruit apart for whatever goodies they get out of them. 

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