Lake Arcadia

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I love Lake Arcadia.  It's a great place to kayak with lots of pretty coves to explore and tons of birds all around.  I like to roller blade there too. It is covered in trails for hiking, horse-back riding, mountain biking, and Frisbee golf - all of which I use for cross-country running trails.  They even have a yearly music festival, which is another of my favorite activities.  I have a yearly pass so I'm there all the time.

This page contains different pictures from my trips out there.


Here's my car at the lake all rigged up with my kayak and bike.  
I don't know why the paint looks all blotchy.


 Here's a cool picture of the sky and the birds in the trees


Here's a beautiful sunset I saw one night at the end of a run


 More pictures of the birds that hang
   out in the trees in the shallows.

 Scenes from a day at the lake with Eric in May '06

 Eric tried out my kayak for the first time This is a beaver dam with a bunch of lily pads in the background


Eric, showing his great skill at relaxation A look out across the lake
That boy is always looking for something to climb

Blurry pic of a bird and two turtles 
sharing a log as a resting spot

This is part of a "Put your feet up" series I have going

The fish were spawning that day which helped to make it a very
neat experience.

June 2006
  I felt like the crying Indian from that old commercial when I took this.
Trash and driftwood collects at the bottom of the lake.
 July 2006
 Birds and stumps It's a bird party
 These guys are not very shy... but they do seem to be glad that I'm leaving.


February 2007

These guys were black & white pelicans - it was cool!



April 1, 2007 - It was nearly 80 degrees on this fine Sunday so I headed to the lake!

The lake was 5 feet above normal - here the water is
way up into the woods.  I think it covered the trail I often run on.


This shows that I'm willing to look dorky on my own web site.  Here I am with my boat
and my new bike (thanks Jon!)  And look Mom, I'm wearing my helmet - but it's backwards!

November 2007 

 It was incredibly warm and still on this Saturday in November - what a perfect day to be out in a kayak!


 A shot of two birds flying overhead, and a cut out showing more detail of the birds on the right.




 For awhile the birds were lined up exactly with the shore line.

  Another great day at my 
 "happy place" - Lake Arcadia
December 2007 - Beautiful Sunset



February 2008
They look fake but these were real ducks I saw on a calm,
beautiful Saturday early in February.
Being artistic with the dead trees and beautiful clear sky.
March 2008

I did a trail run at Arcadia one evening after work, then piddled around enjoying the beautiful scenery.  Nice, huh?

July 2008 - Evening kayaking

Watching the sun go down over the water.

 I found this guy out on a far shore and let
 him hitch a ride back to the park with me.


April 2009

Have boat, will travel.

The southern end of the lake is my favorite - there are so many birds there and places to explore.


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