All Nations Church Christmas Party
December 13, 2013

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We have so many friends who attend Northwest Baptist Church/Northwest Mandarin Church/All Nations Church that we were thrilled to be invited to a group outing they had recently.  It was a night of walking around the downtown Christmas lights, ice skating, and hot chocolate at the BCM building.  What a fun evening! 
 Blurry shot of Michael, Sam, Rui, Eric, and David This is a much better shot - now that David has my camera!

This reminded me of Laverne & Shirley, but I'll bet these young girls have 
never heard of that ancient American TV show! 
  Chunhai & Shasha with the cross lights in the background
 Lovely ladies! Me & Rui, are ready to skate! 

We're already having fun and we haven't even got our skates yet.
  I think Summer already knew how to skate, she did good!

Michael, (I forgot his name, I'm sorry!), and Carolyn
 Molly & Carolyn  

Jeff, Chunhai, and Carolyn
  Me & E - he was pretty much dragging me.  He is such a good skater! 

Summer, Jessie, and Sunny 
 Isaac, Michael, and David Chunhai & I, trying to get around the rink without ending up on our bottoms! 

Summer and ShaSha having a blast
   Ianna (sp?) and Michael

 Rui & David - David's always ready to be a ham for the camera! 
 Rui & Bud, great guys Lovely lights around the Devon tower

Lewis is excited about snack time! 
  Eric claims this is his, "I'm listening" face, but it closely resembles his, 
"I'm going to punch you in the face in about 2 seconds" face.  He's a 
complicated guy...   J  
We sang Christmas carols in both English and Chinese to close out the
evening - what a great night! 

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