Spero Project Fundraiser
February, 2011

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Our group at work did a month-long fundraiser for The Spero Project, a great charity here in OKC.  The grand finale was a management pie-in-the-face contest which turned out to be quite unpleasant and often painful for our brave managers who participated.  They were great sports about it and a good time was had by all.  (The best time is always had by Brad, but that is to be expected.)  
 Noel looks great with his pink dress & safety glasses. Brad scores a direct hit.
 Karla takes advantage of the snacking opportunity  Karla makes sure Barbara gets to share in her gooey suffering. 


 The plate got stuck in Craig's cleavage. Somehow, a paper towel seems inadequate here.


A portrait in courage - Mowen winds up to throw a pie at his boss.     Now it's a teambuilding exercise too!


 Blurry action shot of Ron taking a pie
 to the forehead.
Sneak attack!! 
 Almost $1,000 was raised by our fund-raiser for a great charity.  Everybody won!   (Well, everybody except the managers, that is.) 



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