May 1, 2010

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My company, AIS, sponsored anyone in the company who wanted to participate in the Autism Piece Walk & 5K race.  A few hardy souls signed up and came out on a rainy Saturday morning to participate.  We discovered that along with being a superstar coder, Mowen is also a superstar runner as well.  The rest of us were just happy to have survived!  
 Leah & Brad did the walk.  Brad had signed up for the 5K but
 made some bad life choices the night before and so decided a
 walk was more his speed.  They took pictures for me during the walk.
Drew with his mom and his little son.
A shot of the team doing the walk.

Leah, Drew, me, Larry, and Mowen - ready for action


Brad ended up feeling feisty and doing the 5K on top of the walk.
About 5 minutes into the race he realized that this too was a bad decision.
He hung in there and finished it though, hurray for Brad!


 Here we are with Dana and her husband after the race.  
You'll notice we're a little more subdued after running our guts out.

 Here Mowen accepts his award for 2nd in his age group, the
 guy who was first in the age group was also first overall.
The girl handing out awards obviously loves her job very much.
Mowen usually removes bugs from code
but here he poses as one.

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