Camping at American Horse Lake
September 27, 2003

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We have recently joined the Oklahoma City Outdoor Network, which is a great club that helps you meet other outdoor-oriented people in the area.  We attended a club camping trip at American Horse Lake on September 27.  This lake is a small, quiet lake located one hour West of OKC.  It is ranked very high in the state for good Bluegill & Bass fishing.  The campsites are slightly primitive, but we had a terrific time.  The people we met were so cool and easy to hang out with.  Everyone was very nice, even sharing their kayaks and food with us, it doesn't get better than that!  
This is Betty Sanders and her dog Daisy 
As you can see, Daisy was really roughing it
Here's a shot of the pretty lake, with Eric fishing in the foreground


Here's another one, a little closer so you can see OKC-ON members Dru Hayhurst and Thang Nguyen fishing across the way The red rock formations near the dam 



This shows an 'ant highway' with my foot for scale

The ants have worn out this depression in the dirt
with all their activity.

Looking back toward the camping area  Nancy was bottle feeding kittens and she let us help
This is Joanna Hudson's dog, who is a most 
accomplished beggar of food - the dog, not Joanna!!
Here Thang cooks breakfast for us all - it was great!

Waiting patiently for breakfast & feeding another kitten
  This strange structure can be seen from the road to the lake.
It looks like something out of the movie Waterworld.

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