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 How Buddy does winter in Montana!  Watching Braden play in a district playoff game, he's #18 in black.

Those were some COLD hours standing there watching football, but at least the games were 

  ArtWestImages visited one of our games and got some amazing photos. 
This catch was the best play I saw Braden make all year, it looked impossible
but he caught it.  

These are friends of ours who have "VIP" seating across the field from the stands.  It's the back
yard of the lady on the right, so they have a fire pit, private stands, and her kitchen for food.  Sweet! 

There's a game face if I ever saw one.   

I found this on Facebook and thought it was very cool to see those same buildings I see today
in such a different setting.  

  I got suckered into buying a new cat bed from Amazon because the photos online showed such
happy pets using it. It was not false advertising!  They love it, we just didn't need another pet bed.  

 Parade of happy pet bed users

 Including the dog!  This time of year, any day that you can see the mountains is worth celebrating and documenting.
 My sewing room buddy.  He likes to sleep on whatever he thinks I'll need next.   It's so clear that Buddy is thinking, "He's right behind me, isn't he?"  

A particularly beautiful morning - what a blessing! 

  Buddy is having the, "My daddy's gone blues."  Eric is in Oklahoma & Buddy misses him. 

Here is video evidence of Buddy's extreme sadness. 


Here, the inversion (that low cloud band) can be seen stealing the sky from a different part of town.   

  I had a good hair day for once so I had to document it!  

My end table decor in the living room.  Our house is basically a collection of cat beds.  

  Lily profile in the window one sunny day.  
Blue skies!  Always a treat.  Here we're having a team meeting for my sewing business.  They are so helpful to me.  
I arrive at the airport for a pre-Thanksgiving visit to my family in Oklahoma.    Eric, who had been in OKC on business, came too.  Here he & Brodie have a LONG and 
challenging game of checkers.  

The boys, they can hardly wait for this.  (Or to be done with it, to be accurate.)  

Saturday is picture day!  Here we are, wondering around downtown Siloam 
Springs, trying to figure out where to meet our photographer.  

Poor Brodie, getting his picture taken is torture for him.  

  Here is Brodie's fake smile.  It's a miracle that she got such good pictures out of him!  

Me & E

Here she told them to hug, but it looks a bit like they're wrestling!  
I think Mom is about to do a sweep on his back leg any second now.  
We used, "Poppy + Sage" photography, run by an ex-student of Mom's.  

Keith & Desirae.  Poor Keith had just hurt his back and was in a lot of pain.  

Super cute picture of Mom & Dad


This one too!  

Dad & his girls.  I think Desirae is keeping him from running away, she's got him in a lock!  :-) 


These are our preview photos, we'll get our official ones sometime in December. 
She did a great job! 

We had to reward Brodie for enduring all that fake smiling torture, so we went
to the Ninja climbing gym outside of Siloam Springs, AR.  
There was a whole Ninja warrior course, as well as a climbing area. 
Desirae, trying to help Keith's back pain with some massage.   Uncle Eric giving Brodie a spot on a bouldering problem. 

Splat!  Falling is all a part of climbing.  

Eric doing a part of the Ninja course, you traverse the board using pegs that go into the holes
on the board.  I like that little boy in orange on the right, he was really watching closely. 

Eric working on one of the routes. Action shot of Brodie getting some tips from the old guy. 

There was less action for us observers.  

While Eric was in OKC, he attended a Crue Club meeting and got this photo of the event.
Eric is just left of center in the back row, his good buddy Marcus is front row, center.  


Mom & Brodie enjoying some screen time fun.  

Speaking of good buddies!  My best friend since 6th grade came over for a visit
on Saturday night.  It was great to spend time with Dorinda again.  
Once Brodie got back to his house, he had to give extra love to Boo kitty.  On the trip home, Eric and I admired this statue of the Oklahoma state bird, 
the Sissortail Flycatcher.  Eric & I used to fly out of Tulsa all the time when we
lived in Bartlesville, about 30 years ago.  It had changed a LOT!  

A lovely sunset back in Montana.  

Trying to capture the reunion after 3 weeks apart, but Buddy was just a tan blur.   

Thanksgiving at Jeb & Amy's.  This is Jeb, Dan Sr., Rose, Madison, Larry, and Mary Beth. 

  Amy with baby Maya.
 Proud mamma Katie The highlight of the day was when Dan Sr. had been about to leave, but looked up to see
that Dolly Parton was the halftime act.  He was drawn to that TV like a fly to a bug zapper.  
I was taking a picture of the blue skies one day and this eagle flew right into
my picture.  So cool!  
Teasing Eric that the way he wears his sock cap makes him seem like one 
of Santa's elves.  But he carries it off well, right? 
I include this photo to illustrate why there are so many pictures of clear skies.  This is a more 
typical view of the mountains for us during the winter months. I call it, "A suffusion of gray." 
Eric calls it, "ridiculously depressing."  

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