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We enjoyed the beautiful fall weather for part of the month, but then winter decided to give us a taste of what's to come!  

We saw these elk near our barn one early morning with the mist in the trees.  

This owl lives near our house, we love him. (or her)  

They saw me taking pictures and got out of Dodge.

  For about a week we were blessed by a flock of bluebirds hanging around the house. 


 Pardon me, but do I have a little something on my beak? 


There are often swans on the lake, but they usually stay at the north end.  Recently we were
treated to them hanging out at our end of the lake. 

  Doing a little wing-flap maneuver 

Another wing flap.  Swans are huge!  You can't tell from this picture, but they're very impressive.

   Our neighborhood owl came right by the house one day, but the only photo angle 
 I could get was through a window AND our screened porch, so they are not great. 
 We hadn't known before this that he is one-eyed.  Eric said that makes him 
 fit right in at our home for scruffy animals.  
I'd love to get clear pictures of him this close someday.  
The clouds being beautiful one morning. Snow dusting the mountains. 
The prettiest mountains are in the clouds, but I still liked this view of our house with the green
grass and snow in the mountains. 
On "our walk", a frequent pastime around here.  
I was inside, so Buddy thought he was unsupervised out on the screened porch.  
I would have said that he would never get up on the table, but I'd have been wrong!  
Fall colors showing off.  
On a walk at Indian Springs Golf Course.  Eric is trying to coax Buddy over this old wooden pipe.
Buddy was not a fan. 
This golf course used to be the 69 Ranch and this old wood pipe used to bring irrigation water 
to the ranch, way back in the early 1900's.  

Aubrey's volleyball team.  Aubrey is #1 (her jersey, not being a bragger!).  She is just left of center in the photo.  

It's so strange to see her with that serious face, she's always smiling in real life.  

 Views from the walking path.   

For the past 2 years, the theater group has put on a cemetery tour - not a creepy one, but an 
entertaining one full of local history.  I couldn't go last year, but really enjoyed the tour this time. 

Every Sunday, Drake picks out a Bible and brings it to Eric so they can page
through it and point at random things together.  It's so cute.  
 Our tour guide in her beautiful dress.  It reminds me of homecoming in the 1980's!   The tour went around to different graves, with folks in period costume telling the 
 life story of the people who are buried there.

The D-C Ranch, where the boys all grew up, looking lovely one afternoon.  

Local celebrity and long-time family friend John Leonard really got into his role, telling the history
of his own family - he even brought in his grandfather's barber chair!  

Our camping spot seemed perfect - a view of the lake, away from all the other campers - we 
thought we hit the jackpot.  That is, until that evening when we sat by the campfire and then 
discovered we were 20 yards from the railroad tracks.  It was SO LOUD!!  

Our last camping trip of the year was to Whitefish Lake, very nearby, but still a treat
for us.  It allowed us to do some hikes we'd never tried and have a lovely dinner out. 

Whitefish Lake decorated with fall colors. 

  We have to enjoy this beauty while we can, Fall can be a very short season up here! 
Shallow water, you know what that means!   Eric tries to use sticks instead of rocks, but it's not as good.  
As per usual, Buddy gets his way and the rocks are thrown.  Here we are on one of two hikes we took that afternoon.  

I think this was Smith Lake.  The actual trail was up the hill from the lake, but I hiked down to
get a picture of the water up close.  

  We love Indian food and it's very hard to get up here.  I heard about a restaurant
in Whitefish that had one Indian dish on it's menu, so that's where we went.
It was good, but we still long for the days when there were Indian buffets to visit.  
The rainbow seemed to land at our friends the Hurst's home one day so I had to send them this shot.  Our favorite view, in fall colors. 

The aspens reflecting in the water, another favorite sight. 

  A new Casazza family member!  Myla Beth Fleury, born on September 22nd.
And another Casazza family member is on the way!  Rebecca is due to have a 
boy in early January.  Here she is opening my quilt gift to her at her baby shower.  
 Me & Rebecca

Grandma Rose & Rebecca


Madison, Rebecca, and Amy


Eric & Buddy, enjoying some fall sunshine in the yard.  


Here we were taking a walk that overlooks Lake Koocanusa near Rexford when we ran into Amy
and her dogs, out for a run.  She graciously paused her run, finished out our walk with us, then
resumed her run.  It was a treat! 

 On one of our many walks.   
Our good buddy Mike (second from the left) participating in the candidate forum at the high school.
He was running for town council and won a 4-year term, yea Mike!  What a thankless job, we appreciate him. 
Buddy, romancing one of his favorite toys.  It was a bear-shaped hand puppet I bought for Hanna,
but Buddy kept stealing it so I stuffed it with cellophane and squeaker toys.  He loves that thing. 
  Don't tell Hanna!  :-) 

And just like that, Fall is over!  Not entirely, but it felt like it.  Snow on October 24th seemed a
bit early to my Southern sensibilities.  

The ditch is usually turned off by late September, so it was a real treat to have
it remain on until late October this year.  It makes our walks more beautiful. 

This is what gets Eric - when the skies are so gray you'd never know there were mountains right there. 

  The good news is, Eric started using the wood stove, so at least the cats are happy. 
Family outing to view a house for sale in downtown Eureka. It was 20 degrees out so I was in the car!  
This is the same team who took on The Timbers Lodge when it was in need, now thinking of 
tackling another big project! 

Strange skies seen one evening as I walked out of the grocery store.  I think it was a beautiful
sunset being "squashed" by the inversion cloud cover.  

Many cold afternoons were spent watching Braden play football.  The team was very good this
year.  Shown here: Eric, Mark, Rose, Larry, Erik, and Lucas.  Dan Sr. and Kristi were in the stands, 
Jeb & Amy get VIP seating across the way - complete with a fire pit and private viewing stands!  

I don't usually put up photos that I didn't take, but it's so rare to get 
Desirae's men-folk to dress up and smile for a camera, I had to share!


Our good buddy Mike, doing his thing at yet another Spartan race.  He's the man! 

  My Dad, captured in yet another great sunset shot on Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma

Looks like Grant is helping out as well.

 Eric & George, helping Eli put in a winter's wood supply for Eli's neighbor.  

The amazing Keith Taylor strikes again!  He captured this particularly lovely sunset one evening.


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