Biking in Glacier Park
June 1 and 5, 2023

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My very favorite activity in NW Montana is when Glacier Park allows exclusive access to the Going to the Sun road for bikers & hikers only each spring, usually in the month of June. This year I was fortunate enough to go twice, and on my eBike no less - so it wasn't even hard work to enjoy all these beautiful sights!  

Heading up on the first trip with Eric.

  Eric believes it's silly to buy a bike helmet when he has a perfectly good 
climbing helmet.  Works for me!  

Heading up, following Logan Creek.

  I wear my helmet at a jaunty angle.  I never have been able to get that
thing to fit me right. 
 Yes somehow I pull it off...  :-)  Eric shows the scale of how very small we are compared to these amazing mountains. 

So many beautiful views along the way, too many to photograph! 

  Stopping beside this waterfall. 
 I think the waterfall in this picture is Bird Woman Falls, but not sure.  Some really interesting rock formations we stopped to admire along the way. 
 The tunnel.  We hung out here for awhile because we hardly ever stop here when we're in cars.    Tunnel view.

Eric, always the daredevil. 

  Me, always playing it safe!  

Ready to get back on the road.  

 If there's rock, Eric will climb it.  It's some kind of rule.  

A cloudy view of Heaven's Peak.

 This waterfall at the other end of the tunnel had it's own rainbow.  
Stopping to read the informative displays at "The Loop".  This is where we turned around.   A last look at the high scenery before we headed back downhill.  Eric got up to 35 mph downhill!! 
Back in the valley, admiring one of the many waterfalls. Logan creek was running very fast with the spring runoff in full swing.  

At the grounds of McDonald Lodge, one of the few places in the park where dogs are allowed.  

 Poor Buddy had to wait in the car while we rode bikes, so here we take
 him out for some "prairie dog hunting" at McDonald Lodge.  See the 3
 gophers in the upper right of the photo? 

Now it's 4 days later and I'm back to do it again with Amy.  We got nicer weather this trip. 

  Logan creek looking beautiful. 
 Amy admiring Heaven's Peak A closer view of Heaven's Peak
 Me with the scenery and my wonderful eBike, I love this thing!  Looking at the road ahead.  We went up as far as the park would allow us to go.  

Amy approaching this waterfall.

  A panoramic shot of the entire length of the waterfall that you could see from the road.  

Looking down into the valley and Logan Creek far below.

  Amy with the waterfall.

Showing the arch where the waterfall goes under GTTS road. 

   Me with the beautiful mountains for a backdrop. 

Me & Amy, enjoying a great day. 

 Halt!  No further progress beyond this point.  Although we could see a long way
 ahead and there was no snow there, we followed the rules and turned around. 
The bucket of this snow clearing thing was as tall as I am - 5' 8"!!  Back in the valley, with a rider in the photo for scale.  
 One of the seasonal waterfalls, running high this time of year.  The beautiful clear water.  
 One last look at the beauty before heading back to real life.    

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