Jubilant June

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June was a special month in 2023.  Lots of nice weather and sunshine, which we enjoyed to the max.  We were very active this month and so much enjoyed all the flowers and green growing things everywhere we looked.  
 I think these are peonies, they are so beautiful.  Not mine!  These are mine, Lilacs, butterfly bush, petunias all in bloom.  

Patriotic dog, enjoying his daily outings to splash in the shallow water. 

  Rabbit marital issues at the Historical Village in town.
 Buddy was eyeballing those rabbits.  He thought, "If it wasn't for this leash, I'd have them!"   Eli got a bison this year, here he brings the hide and skull to church for our viewing entertainment. 

During an eBike ride with Buddy, I was busy closing a gate and turned around to find that I'd
attracted quite the crowd of curious steers.  

 Bison skull  

As a gift to Eric, I got him a detail for his truck.  It looked AMAZING, for about 3 days.  
Then it became covered in dirt and Buddy hair again.  Oh well...

  I had regular visits with Jeb & Amy's cat while they were in Greece.  She never ate from her
bowl of food, she preferred to crawl inside the bags of food.  
Buddy trying to eat his dinner while his audience watches very closely.  Mark bought a horse, Gunner, who started his life at our barn.  Here our friend Kip is meeting him. 

A dusting of snow in the mountains one morning.  It looked prettier in person. 

Sadie watches Buddy do his "chase pebbles in shallow water" thing, she doesn't get the attraction.   
Gunner is a people-horse, he really wants to nuzzle and cuddle with humans.  Buddy, not so much.   Whenever Buddy would try to hang out in the yard, he'd attract a crowd of steers.  They made
him distinctly uncomfortable.  
 On our walk one beautiful evening. Geese babies, out and about with their parents. 
 We are so thankful for the beauty we get to enjoy here.   The 2023 steers are a friendly and curious bunch.  
 Eric taking some time to get to know them and vice-versa.   They seem to enjoy it here.
 Action shot!  Buddy is taking that rope Frisbee to town!    He wore himself out.  Now he wants to watch the outdoors from the comfort of his Laz-y-Boy.  
 Progress at Lodge Bluff Homes, they are nearly done!  Landscape work at the lodge, making this bluff into a slope so it can be mowed.  
 I stole this fun photo of Jeb's crew from Aubrey's Facebook page.   Lodge Bluff Homes at night.  Looking great! 

Keith is also amazing at capturing all the Northern Lights we get.  He sees them so often and
I've only ever seen them once.  I'm just no good at getting up in the middle of the night.  

Keith Taylor, our local amazing photographer, got this comet shot one night.  

Ducks & geese have really enjoyed our pond this year. 

  Close up on some yellow goslings. 
These guys did a concert in the High School auditorium one night.  I was there, but had left
before they took this picture.  It was a good concert! 
This historic photo of Eureka's main street was recently shared on Facebook.  
An eagle was hanging out on our fence post one day so I grabbed my zoom
lens for some shots of him. 
Deep thoughts. 

This brave little Red Winged Black Bird wanted him gone - too close to the nest!  

  I like how this photo contrasts their difference in size.  Eagles are HUGE.  
On a hike to McGuire Lookout with friends from church.   Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's up the hill we go...

Views along the hike

  Bear grass, my favorite!!!

When we came to this field of wildflowers, Julia and Jody wanted to show us that these flowers
were edible.  We were pretty reluctant at first.  

  Carley, "I don't know..."    Jody, "Just try it!"  
 Leah & Carley get brave while Julia watches in amusement.  She likes it, hey Mikey! 

Here we stop to see an old house place complete with "refrigerator".  It's that hole up ahead. 

 And after that little floral snack, we're off again.   
I guess there's a spring under there that keeps things really cold inside this rock structure. And we're at the summit, McGuire lookout.  

Time for a celebratory lunch.

  This pit toilet was extremely shallow and open to the outside, which was odd.  
Jody was trying to train her dog but ended up with an extra pupil.   Buddy, mountain dog extraordinaire.  

We got a small view of Lake Koocanusa from the peak.  

 Dog wrestling while Carley rests inside the big "McGuire" sign.    

Heading back down, it's easy now! 

 Group photo, complete with rabbit ears.   

Our lilacs became the center of the world for Monarchs and bumble bees for a week or so.
It was wonderful to have this just outside of my office window - for both the smell and the activity. .  

 One of the baby owls at Mark's barn, it's growing up!   

The most I ever saw was 5 Monarchs all on the same bush, feeding at once.  It was great! 


Here is a bee and a butterfly feeding side-by-side.  

   The bees liked the butterfly bush, I guess they hadn't heard it's name.  
 Stop, thief!!    

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