Activites in April

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We started to see a little sunshine and some warmer temps in April, always a thing worth celebrating after a long Montana winter!  
All of the steers perk up when we come out on a walk. Buddy had been way out in front, but now he decides he'd rather walk right beside me.  
He really hates those nosy steers!  
Resting up after a walk, still trying to get his stamina back. We really wore him out on this walk with Amy, Carson, & Stryker!  It was a six-miler and Buddy
was totally wiped out by the end.  

Buddy ownership: from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in just 24 hours.  
From a super snuggle on the TV couch one evening, to the next day of finding that he rolled in goose poop.
He keeps me on my toes! 

I take old packing paper and make a tunnel for the cats.  There's a cat in there every day!  Happy Easter!  Post-church meal at Dan & Rose's house with Luke & Kristi's family, Dallas & his
girlfriend, and Uncle Tim.  Eric was still in Oklahoma so he missed out.  
Stealing some snuggles with Hanna Banana Uncle Tim, telling a story.
On a walk with Buddy After visiting Rose's "God's House", a new home she's building near Dallas' house, the 
Canadian Rockies were showing off so I had to snap a photo.  
This was an incredible feat!  An oversized load semi truck actually made it all the way up our
steep, windy road.  He had to cut some dramatic corners, but he made it. 

I like how the steer to the right is staring as if to say, "Holy crap, it's the mother load!"  
One rainy evening Eric decided to burn some brush piles.  It was too windy for me to join him, 
but brother Mark came out for a short visit to keep him company.  
We spent one Saturday in April at a family meeting for Timber Lodge Campus Planning.  
We had sessions on the event center, coffee shop, Lodge Bluff Homes, and future plans.
That included a Lego building session which was supposed to help our ideas flow more freely. 
After the meeting we all gathered on the outdoor wedding venue grounds to plan our future 
landscaping improvements.  

When two or more Casazza men are gathered, someone will be pointing. It's some kind of 
natural law. 

  The guys plot, scheme, and are probably each tempted to start a
game of "king of the hill."  
April 18th and it's snowing.  This kind of thing can make you feel like you've been kicked in the
stomach after you've been thinking that winter may be over.  
Eric in his backhoe assisting Mike to hang the "eyebrows" on the Lodge Bluff Homes.  
These little porches are decorative only, but they do add a very nice touch the houses.   
For some reason, Buddy's food includes some random little dried blueberries in the mix.  He 
doesn't like them, but Lily seems to think they are heavenly.  We've created a game where if
she can knock a dried blueberry off the table, she can have it.  She is the least coordinated cat
we've ever seen, so the 'blueberry knocking down' process can go on for a very long time.  

This month I completed two quilts that I'm particularly proud of.
Both quilts are of my own design.

One is a Bison panel that I finished with some very Native American accents.  I LOVE this quilt.

The other is a quilt I made for the theme, "My Montana Home" in the recent Rendezvous Quilt Show.  

 I call this quilt, "Native Bison".  It is LONG, 109", I just love how it turned out. 

This quilt is currently for sale in my Etsy shop.

It won 3rd place in the Large Quilt division at the recent Rendezvous Quilt Show
in Eureka. 
This was my entry in the theme quilt category for the theme, "My Montana Home."  

This quilt is currently for sale in my Etsy shop.

The bears on this quilt are so darn cute!  I'm going to have to make more of them.  

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