Mayhem in March

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Thrills and spills in March, 2023.
The steers are super curious and Buddy is extremely nervous about
being the object of their attention, but he tries to play it cool. 
He & I on yet another cross-country skiing trip at Dog Creek Nordic Center. 
Driving home from a quilting meeting in Kalispell one night, I experienced the 
worst driving conditions I've ever seen.  Thank goodness for rumble strips, that
was all that kept me on my part of the road.  
I looked out one morning to see the steers seeming to plot an incursion over the cattle guard. 
The Branding Iron Butcher Shop food truck has started to park at the Branding Iron Brewery on 
weekends.  Since Eric was in Oklahoma, our friends and neighbors the Goods and I went there
on two occasions to enjoy the great food and local brew.  They are so fun! 
 Speaking of fun - this little guy is having a blast on a rare walk on a rare sunny day.
 He's so happy to be free of the house for once!  
A herd of elk were grazing at the Branding Iron Brewery after my second outing with the Goods. Another winter concert, these guys were wonderful.  One is Irish and the other Scottish,
they played all kinds of folk songs from both countries and more.  
 Blue skies!  Always photo-worthy in winter.  I was trying to update the inventory of my Etsy shop, but Lily thought I was building a cat bed. 
Lodge Bluff Homes, the progress continues.  Here is after the drywall texture is done.  Ready for paint! 

When the sun shines in winter, you have to mark it with an outing of
some sort.  We decided to take a walk, but Eric forgot his jacket so
he had to wear one of mine.  Good thing he can carry it off.  :-) 

  Rabbit!!  If it wasn't for that leash, he'd have had him for sure.  (NOT!)  

Panoramic shot from the living room window one evening


Buddy hurt his eye and so we put him in a cone of shame for a day in hopes of it healing faster. 
He HATED it!  

  One of 2,000 Pup Cups enjoyed by Buddy at The Gathering Place Coffee Shop.

Typical day in March in NW Montana.  But the ice is melting on the lake, so that's worth celebrating! 

If you can't go outside, at least you can look outside.   
On a walk in our woods with Buddy, we have to build his stamina back up to prepare for summer. Someone shot a gun while we were out, so he was very anxious to get back inside. 

That morning there had been a crack about 6" wide, by the evening it turned into this.  
When the ice finally decides to melt, it doesn't waste time! 

  My parents sent me this lovely bouquet for Easter. It was like having 
the actual sun on my countertop, so beautiful!  

Now that the ice has cleared, birds are showing up.  Here are some beautiful swans. 

  A nice day meant all the pets got a field trip outside.  Feisty enjoyed it the most.  
When he's been lollygagging he has this guilty trot he does, this is it!    

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