February Fun

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Scenes of the month of February in the world of Eric & Shawnna Casazza. 

My Eureka quilt guild, Scraps-N-Threads, holds a sewing retreat the first weekend of February 
each year in Lakeside, MT.  About 90 minutes away on beautiful Flathead Lake. 

  The Glacier Bible Camp lodge where we have the retreat is just beautiful. 
 Even in the gray skies the scenery is still beautiful. For Valentine's Day, my parents sent me this lovely orchid.  My first! 

A winter concert by Dr. Daylight's Jazz Company livened up one Saturday night. 


It came with a balloon, which the cats enjoyed.  

This may be TMI, but this is my view when trying to use the bathroom.  
Four pets all trying to make sure I don't get lonely!  

   This is my mat when I try to do yoga


 And this is the view to each side of my chair when I try to eat.  I am surrounded by so much love!

 The poor steers are a bit cold that morning, they picked the wrong tree for shelter.
 They do have a place to go inside the barn, but they don't all go there. 
This is the scene each time Buddy tries to eat.  We call her his appetite stimulant.  
We had a big snow when Eric was out of town, so brother Larry came over to plow for me. Thanks Larry!  Buddy was enjoying this patch of sunshine, so of course Lily had to come lay down "just there".
 She has a sense of how close she can get to drive him crazy without making him snap at her.

Different mealtime, same scene.  It's truly like this every time but is always funny.  

   When I've spent too long on the computer or sewing machine, Buddy
 starts vamping around like this, trying to lure me into petting him.  
 I attended this fun event at our event center with Larry & Mary Beth.  It was great! There was a lot of great singing, games, playing instruments, and even a dramatic scene.

This family is really good and the young girl was my favorite singer of the night.

  The coffee shop did a rocking business during intermission.  Here is Jazzy (on the far left), Noah's mom.
The Native American flute playing was lovely.  Here are some Northern Lights photos taken in Eureka by my neighbors that I pulled off of 
Facebook.  I swear I got up twice that night to look out, but I didn't see a thing!  
I've only seen the lights once because I love my sleep and can't seem to stay awake to catch them. I sure wish I'd have seen these lights, they are the best I've heard about up here.  

Keith Taylor always catches amazing shots, he's a very talented photographer.


So, big news, the seven Casazza boys actually have an older sister! 
It's a long story, but after 58 years of not knowing about each other, 
Josie got in touch with the family and is warmly welcomed into the clan!

  Eric had the honor of being the first to meet her while on a business trip
to Oklahoma, where she lives.  

That Oklahoma connection is interesting to me.  Sister-in-law Amy was 
born in Oklahoma, I was born & raised there, and now sister Josie has
lived there for most of her life too.  Small world! 


 One day I watched a pack of 6 large coyotes roaming around in mid-day, 
 bold as you please.  They went from the lake up to my friend Annie's 
 house, then on toward Jeb & Amy's house.   

There are three in this photo, spread out in a triangle.

  Close-up of one of them. 

My little Valentine.  He's so cute!  

I could never get all 6 in the same photo, but they took a great interest in looking at 
Annie's house, so I managed to get three of them close together then.  

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