January Hijinx

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Winter is a slow time in NW Montana, but we did have a few photo-worthy activities to share.  

I was given this adorable kitten rug for Christmas.  Here my adorable cat Feisty is curled up with it.  

  Buddy enjoying one of his Christmas gifts, with a string of dog & cat toys stretching 
out behind him.  This is our home, it's basically a storage unit for pet toys.


Progress continues on Lodge Bluff Homes.  Here Mike works diligently on the siding.   Basketball season!  Aubrey, #14, is a freshman but got a LOT of playing time. 

Hanna (in the yellow shirt) gets in on the half-time action, trying for a kid-sized basket.

Here she is, showing that girl who is boss.  
 Braden was featured in the program one week in January.  Action shot of Braden, all the rest of the pictures I took were blurry because he's always moving!

The sun almost came out!  We all got out our cameras to capture the moment.  

I took up cross-country skiing in earnest this year, these fun ladies
from my church served as coaches and partners in the journey.
Julia & Leah enjoying our day out.  Buddy had a fun time, but he's tired at this point.  It's been a long winter of lying around, so it
 was a lot of exercise to hit him with all at once.  
Lodge Bluff Homes status: Siding complete on the gray one, woo hoo! An impromptu games night at our house sprang up one evening and was a great time. 
 Eric, trying to intimidate Jeb with his stare and his Klask skills. 
 Notice that young Erik has found Buddy's petting sweet spot.  He just pets past the growling!
These guys look very serious, but they were actually having a good time. 
 Deep discussions over the card-playing strategy. We played a card-slapping game at the small table but it was way too brutal for me.  This crowd is competitive! 
 Dallas had to leave to tend to his puppy, so Lily sat in for him.   E-S Ranch official photo.  Love those fake smiles!  
 Words to live by. Siding is on, accent lighting looks lovely.  Way to go Mike! 

Family shopping trip to Murdoch's

  Spending Mom's gift card on Carhart bibs for Eric.  These things are
life-savers in the cold Montana winters! 
After picking up our long-time friend Rusty from the airport, we took him straight to....
a wedding expo?  Yes, but only to see the "Timbers Event Center" booth.
Here our friend and event coordinator Casey runs the booth in heels on an ankle that is supposed
to be wrapped and kept off elevated.  She's been on crutches for weeks but is toughing it out for the day.

We got a big kick out of wondering what people thought about the two of them going around
a wedding expo together.  

  Rusty quickly succumbed to the relaxing nature of winter in Montana.  
Here I am on a post-church ski trip with Leah and Carley. Canada!  We had to show Rusty some sights, so we visited Fernie & Cranbrook BC one day. 
Downtown Fernie is super cute, no matter the season. Buddy, communing with his inner wolf at the visitor center.  
When Buddy saw this big fella he said, "I'm outta here!"    The wildlife display at the Fernie visitor center.
After a stop in Cranbrook for a nap for the men and shopping for me, we headed
up to Fort Steele.
We drove up at the very minute that they closed for the day, so this is all we saw of the fort. 

You can't fault the scenery though, this view was amazing. 

  Me & my pup, enjoying the sunshine.  
The day had started off cloudy, but turned beautiful for us.   All three guys headed out to the hocky rink.  When the guys started playing around, Buddy 
seemed to sense that he was in danger.  He's out!  
Back in Eureka, cheering for the snow to melt. Looking up to Ksanka one evening with my zoom lens.  

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