Rebecca & Logan's Wedding
December 16 - 18, 2022

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Rebecca (Larry & Mary Beth's oldest daughter) and her husband Logan live in Glendive, MT.  There is no good way to get from Eureka to Glendive in mid December, so quite a few of us opted to ride the Amtrak train over there.  It was about a 9 hour train ride to Wolf Point, followed by a 90 minute drive.  It was an adventure!   The wedding was lovely and we were happy to be able to attend.  The trip home was crazy, partly because the temperatures were extremely low, getting down to about -26 at several points during the weekend.  
The trip out there was magical.  We spent a lot of the time in the observation car, watching 
the sun come up over Glacier Park out the huge windows. 
I got some reflection on these pictures, but the scenery was just lovely. 
 More pretty views along the way. Back at our seats, Amy, Madison, Jeb, and Eric are all enjoying the trip.  
The following day we head out to see some sights in Glendive.  It was especially fun because 
everywhere we went we ran into family members, all doing the same thing.
 These photos were taken in Makoshika State Park, a lovely spot right outside of town. 

Eric, giving me his best "smile."  

  I went a little too far the other way and made myself look like I was choking. 
 My favorite spot in Glendive - a quilt shop!  Thank you niece Kaitlyn for the heads up!   This furniture store is in a refurbished old church.  Eric had a great discussion with them about
fixing up old buildings since we spent over a year doing that in Eureka.  

Grandpa Dan got to do part of the ceremony.

Wedding time!    
At the reception, here's Lucas & Kristi's family. Jeb & Amy's crew, minus Colter who didn't come to the wedding. 
 Jeb & Amy Me & E

We had several hours to kill while waiting for the wedding party to finish a photo shoot.  
Several of us enjoyed a very long game of Five Crowns which filled the time perfectly.
Good job Amy for bringing the cards!  

  Larry & Mary Beth giving their speeches.  
 Instead of wedding cake, they had this huge cupcake display.  It was good!    

Scenes of the Amtrak train. I had never been on one before, so I took a couple of pictures. 

Unfortunately, the trip back was as bad as the trip out had been good.  I can't even begin
to explain how terrible it was, but every one of us on that journey have vowed that we will
never take another Amtrak trip again.  Ever.  

 Here are some of the professional photos from the event.   Keep in mind it was about -24 degrees at this point.  Those were some tough girls!  
 Rebecca had a great time the entire day - no nerves at all.  She's a fun person.    Larry, Mary Beth, Rebecca, Logan, Katie, and Caleb

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