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Snow, snow, and more snow! 
   Eric had to plow every couple of hours in order to keep up. 

He's a snow plowing stud! 

  Now he is shoveling a "poopy path" for Buddy.  
Buddy appreciates it!   The snow piled up deep on the window well and reaching to the lowest rail on the fences.  
Mom sent a gift box that included this tutu, which Lily did NOT enjoy.  :-)  At the Timbers Event Center, our event coordinator Casey organized our first ever Christmas Bazaar.
We had live music and a bunch of vendors, and of course, the coffee shop.  It was a hit! 

I got to meet the newest Casazza dog, Tyrone.  He's Dallas' new best friend.

  He is the cutest guy.  
Eric and Mark feeding the steers We get a front row seat for their meals because we want them to fertilize that part of the field. 
The future catering prep kitchen at the Timbers Lodge.  It has a LONG way to go!   Heading "up Trego" as the locals call it, to get our Christmas tree.  We were very late doing 
it this year because Eric couldn't get his truck in to get his snow tires put on for ages.  

My Dad says he would have just chosen that little tree right in front of him to get out of all
that snow.

 Buddy is not impressed with the chest-deep snow.  
Eric is on the search for the perfect tree, while Buddy has decided he's done. He was dancing around as if to say, "Let me back inside, NOW!"

Eric did find the perfect tree.  It was beautiful.  And since we got a late start, we felt justified in
keeping it up until February. 

  Here it is all decorated and making our living room feel happier. 

Eric and Buddy, shamelessly making love eyes at each other in front of the fire. 

Me & the tree  

G's Ice Cream always has the BEST Christmas display! 

  During a special town-wide Christmas celebration, the coffee shop 
stayed open late and Kristi dressed up for the occasion. 

One of two groups of carolers on main street. 

At the photo booth inside Whitefish Credit Union.  
At the Branding Iron Butcher Shop Christmas party, shortly before the wonderful food was served. Clear skies!  Always a photo-worthy event this time of year. 
I took this to show the inversion that usually blocks our sun, it's on the right side of this picture. The deer don't often come up our driveway, but these three were feeling adventurous. 

She also likes to cuddle, but unfortunately for her, none of our other animals want to 
be near her.  Buddy had been resting happily until she plopped down and ruined it. 

This is a sign to Eric that the fire needs to be stoked.  Lily loves a hot fire.   
 The Gathering Place Coffee Shop, all dressed up for Christmas. Kristi did a wonderful job of decorating.  It looked super great. 
The sun almost came out one day as I was leaving the coffee shop so I snapped this picture. Here I'm packing to go visit my family in Oklahoma.  Rocket hopes to prevent me from leaving.

A clear day in Kalispell with heavy snow on the mountains. 

I got questioned for the local paper. Naturally, my answer was the longest by far!   
The poor steers all covered in snow.  Eric made them a place to get out of the weather, 
but sometimes they just don't do it.  
At a Christmas gathering at Dan & Rose's house, Buddy and Tyrone did not get along.  OK, 
it was Buddy who did not like Tyrone.  It took away from the Christmas spirit a bit.  
 He is SO cute!!  And now we got more snow.  

Christmas at Dan & Tracie's house.

  Mary Beth, Katie, and Caleb
 Erik, displaying the Casazza talent for sleeping in even the noisiest conditions.    The trees in the yard looked so beautiful.  Too bad I blurred the shot! 
The whole crew went out to stand around the bonfire and sing carols. It was super cold, like -16 or something, but the young girls still sported ripped jeans.  
We are really terrible singers, but this year we were helped by Strite, who brought a boom box
to help drown out our singing.  
Larry holding puppy Tyrone, who was too pooped and too cold to stand up anymore.  

Colt was Joseph and Hanna was Mary this year.

Carter, Colt, Hanna, and Lane at the live nativity scene.  

The kids draw names to give each other gifts, and Grandma Rose buys everyone a gift.  This
is the gift opening time.

   Most of the older kids were together for the first time in ages so we had to snap a picture.  
 These fine young people were once the kids who used to give me a nervous breakdown 
 during family gatherings many years ago.  They are much quieter now!  :-) 

I left my puppy at home, there were enough dogs at the Christmas gathering
without adding our grumpy pup to the mix.  

Tyrone didn't have to take a step all night if he didn't want to.  We love puppies!    
Coyotes took down a deer on the ice in front of our house.  This one was very bold and came
out to eat from it at around 10am one morning.  
When shots come, they usually come from Dan's house, which is where this guy is looking. He's out.
 Two eagles work over a different deer carcass on the other side of the lake. We put up a trail cam in our barn and got a picture of this adorable little owl.  
 This hawk was perched on top of our blue spruce tree one morning. He's got such a pretty head.  
It was a bird feeding frenzy at the deer carcass after the coyotes left it.  All the eagles had to do was hop and flap their wings and the other birds would scatter.  
When the eagles left, then it would become bird chaos as they all fought over the scraps. Dan & Tracie's horses posing for us in the December snow. 

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