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The first snow of the year arrived on November 2nd. It was beautiful, but I wasn't ready for the snow to start. 
 The snow was so heavy that Kalispell had terrible limb breakage and power outages. 


Watching a play at Timbers Event Center, "More Precious Than Gold."  It was a play about the
history of eastern Montana told through stories.
We have to force Buddy to go out for potty breaks, then he heads straight for the wood stove.  It was a "not terribly cold" day one day so we took that chance to put up our Christmas lights.  
  Here is our finished product - ready for Christmas! 



The Timbers Lodge looking lovely for Christmas as well.

  Helping Amy prepare for Jeb's 50th birthday party, which we held at Timbers Event Center. 
 There was a large crowd, great food, and the corn hole was very popular as well.  I took about 15 shots to get this fairly decent one of all seven sons plus Dan & Rose.  Love these shots! 

A whole line of Casazza men, intent on their corn hole game.  This is 
Lucas, Colter, Larry, and Dan 

  Eric & Dallas seem a bit skeptical of things.

Keri, Amy, and Marcie

  Tralika, Madison, and Aubrey

The birthday boy wanted to slow dance with his entire family, so they are laughing their way through it. 

 Jill, her husband (I forgot his name!) and Amy  

 Happy Thanksgiving!  
Here we are heading  
over to Jeb & Amy's   

Gathering up for prayer Chow line!  

The boys watching football

 Buddy has zeroed in on a soft touch for table scraps  

Rummikub rule check.

  About an hour later, and Buddy is at it again.  This time he's hoping for popcorn.
 Amy got the world's worst Rummikub hand ever known to mankind.   New configuration of Casazzas on the couch for the football.  

We helped decorate the lodge for Christmas, here is the main tree.  Beautiful! 

  We had one day when all of the snow melted.  The next morning - this!  

From The Gathering Place's Facebook page, in the center there is Mike, Jeb, & Eric. 

  Fresh snow is pretty, I'll have to give it that. 
That precious face.  We spend a LOT of time together.  
Buddy had been enjoying the fire, but Lily is doing her, "I'll crowd you slowly
until you can't stand it and leave" maneuver.  It's her signature move.

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