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Zooming in on an eagle across the lake Canada finally opened its border to non-vaccinated people, so I was finally allowed back there.
We celebrated with a trip to Fernie, the only place around where we can get Indian food, my favorite! 
 We started our Fernie adventure with a little walk. Exploring the old town center. 
 It was Canadian Thanksgiving that weekend, so we checked out this small festival. Family selfie

Buddy & I seem very perky in this picture. 

  Swans on Costich Lake in the golden evening light. 

These three other birds followed the swans around everywhere.  Creepers!  
  That lovely inversion, in the winter it loves to roll in and block out any sunshine.   
There were 2 weddings held at Timbers Event Center in October.  Here are scenes from one of them.  Our first outdoor wedding at our new (unfinished) venue.  It looked great! 
 Larry built that arbor for Katie's wedding last year.  A pretty sunset as seen from our house

On our 2-mile walk we like to take around the place.  The boys are looking back to 
ask what is taking me so long to catch up.  

 Mike O!  He just finished the first set of stairs in Lodge Bluff Homes.  Progress!   

The three ridiculous musketeers.  What they lack in size they make up for in attitude.  

On a visit to Larry & Mary Beth's, this is Dude.  He's one of Katie & Caleb's cats.
He has the most beautiful eyes.  

Gus always wants a cuddle, and I'm happy to oblige! 

   Woo, I don't think I'd mess with Dude if I were you Buddy.  
 Can you tell I'm holding a treat?  Target acquired and locked on.   Lodge Bluff Homes on another crane day, standing up more walls. 

Family trip to Therriault Lakes up Graves Creek Road.  This area was closed for months this
year due to forest fires in the area. 

 Golden light always gets me.  
There was a man eating something off to the side, so we could not capture Buddy's attention.  These lakes are beautiful.  I've missed being able to visit here.  This is Big Therriault Lake. 
Eric walked across these logs and Buddy wanted to follow, but he was afraid to go.  Someone carved a chair into this stump, but the seat was wet.  

Family photo

This is maximum bravery for Buddy.  He REALLY wanted that stick.   

Little Therriault Lake, so beautiful.


My men, leading the way.

  Some local ladies put on a dog-friendly event in town which included a pet & 
parent photo booth - complete with dog outfits. Here I am with Cowboy Buddy.
Jeb enjoys hosting Monday Night Football in his new living room.   Our friend and new event coordinator Casey put on a great event for Halloween at Timbers Event Center.  
A 2-story bounce house, games, and treats.  The coffee shop stayed open late and had a nice crowd. 
 Pretty woodpecker on our fence.  They have been on our house a lot lately too!  Three eagles on their favorite tree.  I took this through the screen on our 
screened-in porch, so it isn't super clear. 
Otters!  I have never seen an otter here before but we got three of them swimming by one day. They went down to the fence, got out of the lake, and took off over land from there.  So cute!  



Logan & Rebecca's engagement card, 12/17/22 is the big day.

  An article in the local paper featured Timbers Event Center.  Here's part of it. 

Part 2 of the newspaper article. 

  This is the story that ran in the "Progress" magazine, which is out on newsstands all year long. 

Also in the "Progress" was this picture of the guys working on Lodge Bluff Homes.  
Pictured are Larry, Dallas, Eric, and Mike

They are trying to move that pile of pre-constructed walls.  Heavy stuff!  

 Part 2 of the "Progress" story.  
We also got a new web site!  https://www.timbersevents.com/ 


Kristi's sister Lisa designed this ad for us that ran in the "Progress" magazine

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