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The first two Lodge Bluff Homes are starting to look like something!  Beautiful sunset one evening.
Scott Frost re-stained our house for us and darkened it up quite a bit, I love it!  An ad designed by our friend Rob that I helped to get into one of the annual publications in town. 
Aubrey was a starter on the high school volleyball team, as a freshman, it was a big accomplishment.  Trying to capture a huge red moon rising one evening. 
The second story is going up!  Things are moving fast at Lodge Bluff Homes right now.  Our outdoor wedding venue as a work in progress.  It is coming right along! 

A view from Indian Springs Golf Club, where we attended a fun event called, "Toast of the Town"

  The annual Flathead Quilt Show was in mid-September.  I didn't enter any quilts this 
year as I was too exhausted from the Eureka show.  This was one of my show favorites.
Here we are on an outing to explore various camping sites in the area. We liked this one a lot. It's snagging season and Mike wants some salmon.  Here they are catching them from the 
Hillbilly Hot Tub before the eagles get them all. 
Eric & I with our trusty sidekick.  Heading up Burma to clear some brush.  Buddy loves the eBike trips for about the first third of the trip.
 Buddy hung in there even when Eric was using the chain saw.  What a brave puppy.


Our reward for that clearing work was a nice picnic at the top of the mountain. 



A view of Lake Koocanusa from the trail on the way down.  


We came off the mountain just in time to make it to Dallas' birthday party.

Here we are on a camping trip to Rocky Gorge on Lake Koocanusa.  Buddy & I explored the beautiful scenery while Eric went for a little climbing at Stone Hill.
Our little camper, just the perfect size for us. We invited friends and family out for dinner and a chin wag around the camp fire.  We just 
discussed how Mike needed to go before sundown so he wouldn't hit a deer on his motorcycle.
Unbeknownst to us, while we were enjoying a peaceful campfire, Mike did indeed hit a deer. Thank you Lord that Mike was unhurt, it was truly a miracle as the brake lines were instantly cut
on impact with the deer.  He coasted to a stop and never even laid it over.  The bike is totalled. 
Mike & Eric using a rented people mover to put the rafters on the north building.
Eric is balanced on top of a tall ladder which is pushed against a wall that's being held up by the crane.
In other words, the thing the ladder is against is moving while Eric goes up to adjust the chain.  Safety first! :-) 
Mike built all of the walls on the ground, then stands them up with a crane.  It's amazing.  Mike detaching the crane from a wall they just stood up.  Looks perfectly safe, doesn't it? 

They built wall on top of wall and then stood them up one at a time. 

Here goes another wall.  
 Our friend Shane is a master at running that crane, which was borrowed from brother Luke This picture was from months ago when they were in the planning stages.  It was all fun & games then! 

Buddy looking regal as he waits to be served a puppucino from the coffee shop. 

 From an early trip with Jeb when Eric didn't have the proper Buddy backpack.
 If Buddy is tired enough, he'll ride in anything!   
 Buddy made it on The Gathering Place's social media with this photo shoot!   
We had an amazing apple harvest from our two small trees this year.  They were great!  Here I wonder if Buddy and Grogu could be twins separated at birth.

Watching Braden play football.

  Larry working on the Timbers Lodge sign, designed by Rob Good and the perfect thing for that spot. 
Some of Lisa's great photography as she does the social media for The Gathering Place The booth they set up at the fair.
 Kristi, ready to make you a drink Dan Sr., enjoying the nice chairs by the fireplace. 

An ad designed by Lisa that we ran in the "Progress" publication.

  Rebecca from Tobacco Valley News took some photos of us for our article in
the Progress magazine. 
 The other shot taken by Rebecca for the Progress magazine. This was our favorite. 


Buddy & Stryker.  Buddy growls his way through Monday night football at Jeb's. Our wonderful inversion here, creates clouds when no clouds are due.  Boo!  

Some highlights from our trail cam.

 Proud grandparents and proud momma after a football game.  Braden did great this year.   
We put the camera here after seeing two bull elk, but this cow was the only one we caught on film. We got lots of deer photos though! 
Here a couple young bucks play around There are always turkeys around Eureka! 

And skunks, don't forget the skunks.

  Three swans were looking majestic one evening on the lake.
Here a cow elk grazes at the end of the lake.  

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