Eureka Montana Quilt Show
August 6, 2022

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The Eureka Montana Quilt Show has been a big event for the town since it started in 2005.  I have served as the Registration Chair since 2019 and have truly enjoyed helping out.  However, as of 2022, I became the new chairperson for the show - never knowing what a huge job that would be!  Here are the highlights from this years' show, enjoy! 

Fellow committee members at a planning meeting we held at the Historic Village grounds. 

  Show day!  Eric and fellow committee-member-spouse Dennis do all of the 
high work when the quilts are hung early that Saturday.  
Eric & Dennis in action.  Poor Eric, this was how he celebrated his birthday!   More of the high hanging work by our husband heroes.  
 The show underway! Quilts cover the entire Historic Village and stretch for about a mile up main street on all the buildings. 
Some fairly unorthodox methods of hauling ladders were utilized.
Street scene featuring one of Gran's quilts (the flower baskets) which filled the spot of a quilt
that was withdrawn at the last minute. 
 The quilt in the center of this shot was everyone's favorite, each tiny block was for a different 
 town in Montana.
We had almost 400 large quilts and around 50 miniature quilts.  
 Looking up main street.  The quilts stretch to just beyond the hill you can see in the distance.   The bunny quilt and the watermelon star are two of mine, and are part of a nice street scene too.  
Even though I was very busy, I was blessed to be able to spend time with Larry, Mary Beth, and Katie. As well as with Rose & Uncle Tim.  
We also spent a little time with Jazzy and Noah, as well as many friends.  Back at the historic village.  We were so glad to see a large turnout for the show!
These pictures are all of me with the quilts I entered in the show.  This is called, "Flutterby" This was called, "Garden Trellis."  It sold that day. 
 This was called, "Sparkle Blue Lattice" 


This quilt was made as part of the "Quilts for Heroes" program organized by Bunny Franklin.
Quilters make a patriotic quilt for the show, then they are all donated to the PTSD ward of the
nearest VA hospital.  This quilt was my entry, "American Diamonds."
This fun quilt was called, "Peppermint Christmas" and it sold that day.   The quilt on the left (the white one) was mine.  It was called, "American Blossoms."  
 Me with two of the baby quilts I entered into the show.  Mary Beth purchased the teal & tan one
 for a future grandbaby. So nice!  

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