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I just came across this picture from 2018 when we took a trail ride for Eric's 50th birthday with 
our friends from Cripple Creek Horse Ranch.  It was a great time.  The kids were SO young!  
An early birthday celebration for Eric with some of his family who came over with pie.  This is
Dan Sr, Mark, Rose, Colt, and Eric celebrating Eric's 54th 

Lovely sunrise seen one morning on the drive from our house.

  Twin fawns, grooming one another just outside my office window.  So sweet.  
Rocket had been enjoying his spot in the sun, but then Lily had to come join him.  
She always wants to snuggle but the other cats hate it. 
My sweet Feisty is getting old.  She turned 14 this summer!  

Getting ready to pour some concrete at the Lodge Bluff Homes sites! 

Lily really likes the cushion on my office chair, so I often have to work like this.   
And away they go.  Using the Casazza Concrete pumper truck and Great Northern Concrete mud. Eric & Mike checking out the results.  
 Both slabs came out really well.


Our final concert of the year was Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. It was a great show, but there were SO
many people there we had to sit way in the back.  Oh well, it's still a fun evening in my book.
I'm so happy that this venue turned out so well for the family who built it.  
 Some boats coming in for a listen. A view of the band. 

Here we are on the road to a family camping trip on Flathead Lake.

  It doesn't take long for Buddy to become road weary. 
 Here we are at Flathead Lake, Buddy is ready for some rocks to be thrown!  Looking out at an island in the beautiful lake. 

Out to dinner at Tamarack Brewery in Lakeside, MT.  It's a beautiful spot! (Great food too.) 

Eric tried to make Buddy swim, an activity he HATES.  
He thought Eric was trying to kill him for sure.  

At a lovely little park in Lakeside.

  Buddy is always nervous when we hold him over water like this. 
These people at Treasure State coffee allowed Kristi to spend a day with them, learning the coffee
shop business before she opened The Gathering Place Coffee Shop.  It's a really nice spot. 
Watching the sun set over Flathead Lake. 


Buddy was nervous about going out on this dock and we laughed at him for it.
Then a big wave came and soaked all three of us through the crack between
the dock segments.  So we had to apologize for making fun of Buddy that time! 
Enjoying the campfire that evening. 


Now we're off on an eBike trip up Burma with Jeb & Amy.  Along the trail you can see the US/Canadian border which is cut into the trees like this.  

Buddy can run about 3/4 of the way up the mountain before he starts asking
to hitch a ride with Eric.  

  Here we stop to take a look inside an old abandoned mine/cave. 
We drug the 70 pound bikes over obstacles like this again and again until 
Eric and I decided it wasn't fun anymore.  We went home and left the adventurous 
duo of Jeb & Amy to proceed.  We came back later with a chain saw! 
Buddy does really well with his backpack!  



Fair time!  The Lincoln County fair is a big deal around here.  This is our friend Vera Eash, 
practicing with her pony before showing him for the first time. 

 Taking a deeper look inside that cave/mine along the trail.   
 Bull Thing!  A huge, televised, PBR event that we host right here in little old Eureka.  It's always
 a fun time for the family and the whole region. 
Looking behind us to Lane, Colt, Lane's friends, and Dan & Tracie.  Dan, Rose, Uncle Tim, 
Mark, and Dallas were also there. 
If nothing's going on in the arena, there's always the mountains to look at.  They had a session of bull fighting that was exciting to watch, but left the bull fighters pretty banged up. 
 This guy got pasted pretty good. New doors are on the bathrooms at The Timbers Lodge.  They look great! 
Buddy & I spent an afternoon kayaking on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. He is the ruler of all that he surveys. 


He's also a bit of a back seat driver!  :-) 


Such a pretty place! 

I hate to admit that I pulled a muscle in my back
as I loaded my kayak after this trip.  Am I too old
for kayaking already?  Thankfully some young people
were nearby and they loaded my boat for me. 



Shakespeare in the Park comes to Eureka
every August.  It's a fun evening out every time. 

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