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We have an amazing concert venue here in Eureka at Abayance Bay.  This year we supported
them by attending 4 of their wonderful concerts.  This was the Tim Montana show, he was fun! 
Rebecca is getting married!  Here we gather for her bridal shower at Larry & Mary Beth's.  Hanna 
was my companion that day, we teamed up on some of the games.  (Her helping me, of course!) 

The happy bride to be and her well-wishers. 

  Rebecca's dog BB took a shine to me, she was a sweet little cuddle dog. 
  Proud momma Mary Beth with Rebecca.  Dan Sr. had a large flag pole installed at the ranch house.  He had us all over on the afternoon
 of July 4th for a dedication ceremony.  Here we are as Dan gives a speech.    

Dan, dedicating the new flag pole and sharing what the flag means to him as a veteran. 

  Mark & Larry helping him run up the flag for the first time. 

An old Marine giving his best salute. 

  Socializing after the ceremony.  Erik found just the right spot on Buddy!  
 The seven sons with Dan Sr. under the newly hung flag and an amazing sky. Next we all migrated to the Ponderosa for July 4th celebrations at Luke & Kristi's (on Kristi's birthday)
Much volleyball was enjoyed, while even more trash was talked. Cody, the debater of the family, loves to push and push his conversations until somebody can't 
take it anymore.  This time it was Jeb who decided to teach him a little lesson.  
Back at ES Ranch, Rocket got brave and tried to follow us on a walk one evening. This was as far as he got before he got scared and headed back home.  
That's OK, if he was any more brave than this he would end up as a coyote's dinner.  
 Progress is happening in the trenches at Lodge Bluff Homes.  At a fundraising breakfast for the local animal shelter, Buddy ardently admires my sausages.
Someone dropped an entire sausage on the ground and Buddy found it, so he had a good day. On a walk in Riverside Park, checking to see how high the Tobacco River is flowing.  Pretty high! 

At Abayance Bay again, this time for Steve Earle.  

  Steve Earle & the Dukes, it was a great show!  Copperhead Road is an amazing song.  
 We be chillin. The Timbers Lodge finally has a sign identifying it as such, and my flowers are blooming in the 
half barrel planters.  It looks great!  
Luke & Kristi rented a pontoon for a day and graciously invited us out for part of the day. The boys making Buddy do tricks for his treats.   
Here we stop to chat with another boatload of people and Buddy has to greet the other boat's dog. Now we're in the North Fork of the Flathead River on a camping trip with a bunch of friends.
We are celebrating Amy's birthday on a beautiful weekend. 

Part of the camp, including the campfire hangout area.

  A beautiful river with views into Glacier Park.  It's hard to imagine anything prettier. 
 Now it's even prettier, with my boys added to the frame. Wildflowers in the front, the mountains in the back, and the river in between.  So pretty! 
 Buddy in the camper.  He loves camping!  There are always lots of treats, and no cats.  Polebridge, MT - one of the coolest towns you can find.  The entire town is off the grid.
The Polebridge Mercantile (aka "the merc") has been in business for over 100 years.
It's a must-see in NW Montana for sure. 
 Views into Glacier Park from where we take out our rafts. Back at the campground and ready to start our float trip.  This was our inaugural trip with our little
cheapie Costco boat.  It was perfect!  
 Todd & Marcie Jeb's boat full of beauties - Amy, Marcie, Jen, and Kari

Kaitlyn & Aubrey

  John & Kari
Captian of my boat, and my heart too - of course!    Co-captian of both, Buddy, all snug in his doggie life jacket. 
It's hard to know whether to look at the crystal clear water or the beautiful mountain scenery.  We came across some people in distress, so nurse Amy and some of our crew went 
to help them.  They ended up being people we knew, and our group was able to help. 

Buddy, making sure we're doing it right.

   Jeb & his lovely ladies. Jen is hiding in the back. 

Looking into Glacier Park in the evening light.




The next day as we came out, we stopped inside 
Glacier Park for a visit to Apgar Village and Lake 
McDonald.  And some ice cream, naturally! 

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