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We usually get our annual batch of steers in May, but this year they were running a bit late.
It was June before I had my first sight of them.  Here they come wandering up from the D-C ranch.
They quickly made themselves at home in our super great pasture grass we had this year.  
Rocket, enjoying watching a mouse that found himself in a window well.
I ended up having to go get him out, even though that board is supposed
to serve as an escape hatch for critters. He didn't get it!  
A cute little bag I made as part of a group project with some of my sewing friends.
It holds my mini iron and can safely carry the iron even if it's hot.  My Mom gave me
this adorable sewing machine fabric. 

Erik Casazza's graduation.

  Erik getting his diploma, looking very serious.  


Family photo after graduation.  (That I took off of Facebook!)



Graduation party at The Timbers Lodge for Erik, William, and another student I didn't know. 
Kristi made the place look amazing!

  Proud parents.

This little guy just cannot resist rolling in dead stuff!  He HATES these baths and 
seems to know they're coming after he's done a roll, but he just can't stop himself.

And proud grandparents too!   
 He's fuzzy after a bath at first, then frizzy when he dries.  It's not pretty.  But this is!  The grass was so amazing this year and the steers are appreciating it very much. 

On a drive up Airport Road, the views were super nice this day.

  Our steers again, they look so pretty in belly-deep grass.  
 On an after-dinner walk with our good buddies Rob & Kip. I did some work on our advertising, including this ad seen in the local movie theater.  I hope it 
reached some people! 
 My flowers, ready for the summer. Except that summer took it's time this year.  We didn't get steady sun until the last week of June.

This was taken on June 14th!  I was feeling pretty ripped off by the lack of spring weather when
most of the country was already enjoying summer.  

  Mom sent me this lovely patriotic table runner which we used all summer. 
Mark did a bunch of work on his house to get it ready to be used as a VRBO rental, it looks great!  This fawn got in front of us in the road and then couldn't figure out how to get out of the way.  It was cute. 
Eric and I went to Hawaii for a week.  We literally JUST got back and he was right back to work 
with Mike. That is his happy place.  
Again with the puppucinos.  Kristi & the coffee shop staff totally spoil that dog! 

The ranch was looking pretty on this day so I snapped a quick photo.


Using my zoom lens to creep on Dan, Tracie, Lane, and dog Bella while they fish on Costich Lake.


Mark has this very cool old barn on his place.  It is made from 2x4's stacked one atop the other.

One day we saw an owl perched on the barn door.  We ran home, got my zoom camera, and 
came back for these fun shots.  

  Here he is checking us out.
This Red-winged Blackbird did not like having the owl so near, so it kept dive-bombing
the owl. Here it is coming in from the upper right corner.
Here it flies away to prepare for it's next approach. 



This evening, Eric took Buddy out in the canoe for some fishing.  

I blew this one up so that you can see the amazing detail of the feathers and it's piercing eyes.   
Buddy spotted me out in the yard with my zoom lens and kept his eye on me as they
paddled away. 
Braden and Carter were out fishing at the end of the lake.  

My boys in the evening light.

  A hummingbird came up while I was taking these pictures, so I got one of it too.
Mark worked hard to get a program approved which gives Whitefish High School students a 
chance to learn real-world skills while still earning credits.  Mark and the kids came up to the
ranch for a photo shoot one day.

This link is to the web page for Mark's program.  Here is a link to a news story about the program.  

This young man created a video out of the day.  Besides being a great introduction
to Mark's program, the video also won an award.  



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