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My second cousin Caitlyn got married in May.  I didn't make it back to Oklahoma
for the service, but my Mom kindly shared some pictures with me.  

This is Dad, Uncle Larry, and my first cousin Brent Morton.

Brent & my mom, Marcella. 


 Caitlyn and her new husband, from her Facebook page.  Playing with my new zoom lens again.  Eagles eating another unfortunate duck. 
 My guess is that it's a male on the left and a female on the right, but I truly no nothing about eagles.  Nephew Erik (in the floral shirt) nearly took state in his division in golf this year.  He's a great golfer.   

My Eric, test-driving his new eBike.  We decided to try this as a new hobby.  
Since I don't rock climb and he doesn't sew, we need something we can do together! 

 Erik's senior picture.  

We realized we can eBike further than Buddy can run, so I invested in a Buddy Backpack.

I got this from K9 Sports Sack.  It is very well made and has lots of safety precautions.

   Here they go on their inaugural ride together.  
 Buddy looks so much like Grogu in this picture!  


  The mountains in Kalispell on a particularly clear day.



On a walk with Amy & her dogs, Stryker is seen in the foreground here.  It's so nice to be 
outdoors again after the long winter! 

Finally!  We had a new sign hanger welded and Eric did the high ladder work to hang it while 
I looked on with concern.  The new sign is beautiful, thank you Rob Good and Timber Creek Graphics!  
Also thanks to Lisa Hansen, Kristi's sister, who designed the logo. 


Looking for an outing, we decided to check out
Ant Flats, a historic area near Trego. 
 The detail on this cool old barn. Of course, Eric the climber had to climb up and peek in the open window. 

The view of Ksanka from Ant Flats.

  Buddy in my sewing room, this pose is an indication that I've been sewing too long!  

Some quilters advertise that their creations come from a pet-free home, or that they sew in a
pet-free room.  I do not make any such claims!  Here are three of my four pets, dominating my
sewing area.  

   Buddy really likes to be held this way.  No one knows why. 
 Ahh.  Green grass on the dog belly once again.  This is how Buddy likes to live.  D-C cattle on the hill across from our house, looking very picturesque.  

Eric wanting to take a nap, but ending up as the prize in a pet war instead.  Only one of these
two pets will be able to sleep here, and I can tell you right now which one is going to win the 
battle of wills.  

 D-C cattle grazing by the inlet at Costich Lake.  
 It's always Lily who wins.  Always.  Having a hot dog dinner beside Graves Creek with our friends Max & Laura. 
 Buddy likes himself a campfire, that's for sure.  Max & Laura enjoying the outdoors with us. 
Buddy's first time meeting Mark's new pigs.  He tried to sniff them without committing to getting close. For Memorial Day, we went with Jeb, Amy, and Aubrey for a bike ride in Glacier Park while the
road is closed to cars.  It's usually an amazing time, but the weather was not our friend. 

The water really rushes in the spring.  It's beautiful and a little scary too. 

Dogs are not allowed outside of the car in Glacier Park, so we decided to haul Buddy on Eric's back. 
We promptly encountered a park ranger who sent him straight back to the car.  Party Pooper!  

It's such a beautiful color too. 

The water was so powerful that day, it was really impressive.   

Here we decide to take a break to see if it's going to keep raining or quit. 

Even though it was cloudy and gray, it's still a beautiful place to see.   
 Amy, heading for cover under the trees.  Jeb, trying to use hugs from Aubrey as a way of warming up.  


 Now Amy demands a turn at using the Aubrey blanket.  :-)   
 Beautiful Glacier Park  
With us in the picture for scale, it shows how massive and "right there" these mountains really are.  A waterfall far up the mountain. 

The boys and Aubrey turned back for the car, but Amy and I decided to push a little further. 
We didn't get far before we saw this moose, a nice treat! 

  We decided the moose was reward enough, so we headed back to the warm truck too.  
I love how Buddy and Aubrey are in the same pose here.  Too cute!  Yes, I own this porch, as well as everything I survey from it. 
Trying to get a picture of some swans flying over, this was the best shot I managed to get. I love how the trees and the eagle reflect back in the water so clearly. 

Here is the Montana we saw all winter, but at the end of May we hoped we were done with this!  

 This eagle had been at our pond, I just caught him as he flew away.   
The fresh snow is beautiful in the mountains on the morning afterward though.  The trees are so sharp and clear up on the mountain.  I love it. 
Now I can really zoom in on the Canadian Rockies.  This is taken from our driveway. 

 The Philly born in February is growing up fast!

Eric has been making some accomplishments at Stone Hill, the climbing area near Eureka. 
He wouldn't want me to tell about it, but he's been making some first ascents
and climbing some routes that had not been climbed before.  
I appreciate his new climbing buddies for not only helping him achieve these things, 
but also for sharing some photos with me.  


 This is Eric on his first ascent of 
       "Too Steep for Sleep" 
  at Stone Hill on May 3rd, 2022

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