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I got a new zoom lens for my camera this month, so beware!  There are a lot of pictures of zoomed-in birds in your future.  

Three eagles (two bald and one immature) were hanging out and bathing in the shallows across the lake.

  One was flapping the water off it's wings and the other was making their call.
 Then the traded places so the other one could bathe.  I thought it was neat that they took turns. 
 They seemed to want the immature one to keep his or her distance. Here they are on our side of the lake, just below our fence, eating an unfortunate duck. 

Lily knows no boundaries.  She is always trying to snuggle up to the other animals, none of whom 
appreciate her nearness.  Especially not Buddy!  He has a strict 2-foot no-cat zone around him.  

A cowboy quilt I finished in time for the Rendezvous Days Quilt Show. 
This quilt was very well received and was bought by my good friend Susan Sanders. 

Let's go to the Creston Auction she said, it'll be fun she said.  

I'm sure it would have been fun had it not been near- arctic temperatures, wind, and sleet. 
At least we were able to locate the place where Eric's family used to live and talked to the
current owner of the homestead.  That was the highlight of the day.  

  The coffee shop after Kristi started decorating it.  It looks so cute! 
 The upstairs is my favorite part.  Inviting and quiet.   Eric & Buddy checking everything out. 
 Since the lodge is pretty much finished, Eric needed a new project.  He and Mike decided to
 build houses on the land beside the lodge.  Little did they know that project would start with a
 three-month trench project where they had water & sewer issues galore.
Smoothing out the sites for the first two houses. 

Trenching, trenching, and more trenching.

  They hit every line you can hit through here - at least once! 
 On another visit to Gus, he was feeling cuddly that day.  He is so sweet.   Eric's new prized possession, his own backhoe.  It has already been SO useful.  


 Frosted trees looking pretty. Hosting Easter at our house, this is the only picture I got and it's not a good one!  
 Buddy hanging out at his coffee shop.  He is confident the building belongs to him. Grand opening day, here we are hanging with Uncle Tim, Dan Sr., Rose, and Eric. 
 Buddy is allowed in the shop if he stays out of the kitchen.  Here he plays greeter dog to customers. Jeb & Amy enjoying some coffee in the loft. 
 I got new velvety bedding, Lily seems to approve.   Buddy with yet another puppuccino.  He LOVES them.  


 Buddy & Eric, playing Buddy's favorite game ever - 
 rocks in a shallow stream.  He sure did miss this
 game during the long winter months!  
One of my projects for the Timbers Lodge was working on the signage.  Here is our new 
sign down on Highway 93.
Here is the sign as you head up Julian Drive. 
 Back on our favorite walk, happy to have the ditch running again, happy to be out of the snow!  Dan Jr. built us this nice bridge to cross at our property line so that we could stop tresspassing
on our neighbors like we used to do.  

Three of my baby quilts. 

April ended with Eureka's annual Rendezvous Days festival, which includes a 
quilt show.  The quilt show is put on by my own guild, Scraps 'n Threads.  
Here is one of my quilts I entered in the show. 
Another of mine.   I call this one Summer Breeze. And this is mine, I call it Sparkle Blue Lattice

Some of my baby quilts and table toppers in the show's boutique area. 

This is my 6th or 7th quilt made from this pattern called, Swoon.  
It's my favorite quilt pattern. I like to see how the look changes with different fabrics.  
 Strawberry table toppers.  I thought they came out so cute. The beautiful ribbons that were to be handed out for the quilt show. 
Eric and I went to hang up the new Coffee Shop sign, only to discover that the
arm we planned to use was rotten.  Oops!  
A terrible shot of the music performances held at Riverside Park on the first night of the festival.

I got to watch the parade with Dan, Rose, Larry, Mary Beth, and Kristi's kids.  

  Our friends the Hills had a Crown & Paw photo of their dog.  
I loved it so much I had to get one for Buddy.  
 Then I decided to do one of Patch for my Dad.  She truly is this regal.  My cowboy quilt won two ribbons!  I tied for one of the ribbons so someone
 made me a handmade version so the other lady could keep the real one.  

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