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 Buddy, all dressed up for St. Patrick's Day Canada was looking crystal clear this day. 
 On a visit with Gus at Larry & Mary Beth's house.  These two dogs crack me up. I opened the laundry hamper one day to find this sweet surprise in there!  

Another "clear Canada" day.  There are also swans on the lake, but they are hard to see here. 

 Score!  Buddy calls dibs on this deer leg.     

Our house, Costich Lake, and the Canadian Rockies - all posing for a photo. 

 Buddy, master of this domain.  

Swans & ducks and Loons, oh my!  It is so nice when the birds start to come back. 

   Buddy & a group of swans, Buddy is having some deep thoughts here. 
 I suspect he is eavesdropping on Dan & Tracie's dogs across the lake.
 Dan Jr. and his daughter Kaitlyn built this new gate where the old one rotted away.  It's great!  There's nothing like a patch of sun after a long, gray winter to make friends out of enemies. 
 Butcher shop meeting at our house, which is pretty much a family meeting with some extra friends invited.  Ksanka peak in the beautiful evening light. 

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