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 So I did a thing.  After about 7 years of long hair, I had it all cut off. Our handsome Buddy, braving the snow. 

Hello Canada! 

Less handsome after a bath, when he gets a little frizzy.  
This is what I see anytime I take lettuce out of the fridge.  Feisty likes the green
parts and Buddy likes the white stems.  I get the leftover bits. 
Poor Eric has a headache, and no shortage of animals wanting him to feel better.

One day we had some lovely weather, so we took a walk all the way around Costich Lake.
As we passed by Dan & Tracie's house, we made the happy discovery that they just had a
new Philly born that week.  Here Dan takes Hunter to meet her.

  She's figuring out how those long legs work now! 
Also in February, I attended a rally held at the Canadian border in support of Canadian truckers. The crowd while the speeches were being delivered. 
 Cool cloud activity. The snow in fine form one sunny day.  

Taken from the Tobacco Road area, looking generally toward our house.

  Opie, a neighbor dog that Buddy & I loved to visit.  Sadly, he was killed by a coyote, but we 
love to remember our little energetic friend.  
We bought new tops for the tables and now it's starting to look like a coffee shop!  The Tri-State Restaurant Supply guys giving a training class on the coffee machine. 
Nuclear science is probably easier than the brewing of coffee! 
I was the designated note-taker, only Kristi actually learned anything that day!     Buddy, enjoying one of about 2,000 puppuccinos that Buddy gets at the coffee shop.
Buddy, enduring the training session in style.  He's in the chair, next the fireplace, on his Dad's coat.  Timbers Event Center, all dressed up for a Hope Church event, Beauty from Ashes.
The world's largest Charcuterie Board!  It was so fun to see music on our stage!  The stage lights and sound were my department, 
 during the renovation project.  I was very relieved to see everything working nicely.  
 The event was very well attended.

Here the Timbers Event Center is set up for a play. 

 This was a 'friends & family' day, a time for Kristi to practice making drinks for people who would give 
 honest feedback.  It was a fun time and so great to see people hanging out here, which is the dream! 
 This lady was part of the play production.  She was singing Patsy Cline and sounded just like her! 
 The funniest skit in the play featured our friend Andy Hansen.  He's a hoot!    

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