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I started the New Year with Covid-19, so I pretty much missed the first 10 days of the year.

Once I started feeling better, I was able to capture some long-distance shots of Eric trying to ice fish
with a less-than-helpful dog assistant.  In the shot above, Buddy would only follow that far, then he sat
down and started howling like his heart was broken.  Eric had to go get him.  

Buddy says,  "Pick me up Dad!"  He sat for a while on the inner tube, but that didn't last. 
So Eric had to do the 'jacket tuck' maneuver. Now he tries to fish with a dog stuffed inside his jacket.  


 The Christmas gifts from Westville have arrived!  
 Here Eric works on his pile of gifts.  Ignore the hateful look on his face, that's his relaxed look.  Here he has piled all his gifts on himself for reasons known only to himself. 

We had to stay out of the main hall of the lodge for about 10 days while the floors were being refinished.
Here they are after being sanded but before the finish is put on. 

Eric & his wingman working at the coffee shop.  
He is wearing his hat in that style that only he can carry it off. 


The coffee shop floor looking amazing!  We didn't realize how bad it was until
we saw it looking this beautiful.
Another shot of the floor. The variation in the wood colors make it sparkle.  
Here we are in a vision building workshop with our friend Laura.  She used Legos to help us six 
owners of The Timbers Lodge to firm up our vision and goals.  Eric made the best duck by far.
We ended up following the guidelines we set at this meeting for the coming year and it was helpful.
Our steers, happy that the snow has melted. A family dinner at Abayance Bay.
Larry showed everyone a party trick and the men couldn't stop trying to figure it out.  Jeb thinks he has it, but he didn't. 

Eric going out to feed the steers. I usually leave this to him & Mark, but I happened to be outside that day.

 Local favorite, Michelle Rivers, providing beautiful background music for our dinner.  
They know where he's heading with that hay and are gathering up to meet him there. Looking out over the hills toward town from our barn. 
 Canadian Rockies peeking out through a layer of cloud cover. The barn and the sunrise (probably 8am!) and the melting snow.
 Some beautiful sky scenes.  This one in daytime on the drive to Kalispell. This one a sunset view from our house. 

 Frosty trees


One of those clear days when it feels like you just got new glasses.  It seems like you can see
each individual tree on the mountain some days. 

Three eagles watching for potential meals to come around.  
Ksanka in the golden evening light And pulled back to the view we see from our kitchen. It's so pretty here (when it wants to be)! 

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