My Christmas Visit to Oklahoma
December 2021

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I left a snow-covered world to find Brodie running around in shorts and a t-shirt! Patch on an outing, busy hunting leaves.  
 I hadn't seen my Uncle Larry in ages, so that was a treat. We celebrate my birthday during the morning of Christmas Eve, then we 
celebrate Christmas that evening.  Or afternoon, if we just can't wait! 
 Brodie, buried under his pile of gifts.
He has only just started opening gifts and already he's exhausted.  Poor kid.  Desirae warming up before tackling her pile 'o gifts. 

On Christmas Day the Bloomers get together so Dad, Mom, and I took off for an adventure.

We visited Natural Dam Falls, near Van Buren in Arkansas. 


  It was a nice outing and a very pretty spot.


 It got up to 85 degrees that day so we were peeling off our jackets and wishing for short sleeves. Here we are, sunning ourselves and enjoying the beautiful Christmas day. 



  Next was a trip to Branson, here we are at the shopping area.
 At Dolly Parton's Stampede Christmas show.  It was beautiful. This lady jumps her horses through a ring of fire while riding them like this. 
 I can never get a good picture of it, but here they go just before they jump through the ring. The Christmas Story acted out complete with camels and other adorable animails. 


  A group photo (minus Mom) of us ready to eat at the stampede show.  Our (complete, this time) group photo from the Stampede dinner 


We always visit Dick's 5 & Dime, a fun store where Brodie found these 'treasures' - fish shoes.
Desirae wasn't feeling well, so the three of us went to "Behind the Lens" and had a great time. It's a fun place full of games and photo opportunities.

I got very tickled in the ball pit. I kept falling over and then couldn't get up.  We laughed ourselves
silly in this exhibit.  

  President Brodie and his peeps. 

Since Mom spends most of her life in Facebook jail, we figured she needed a mug shot to go with it! 

President Brodie telling me how it's going to be.




Brodie the alien, trapped in his cryogenic tube. 

Next was Silver Dollar City.  Visiting here was the biggest deal in my childhood,
so it was fun to see it again.  It was pretty much unchanged, but SO crowded.
They do an amazing Christmas Parade and Christmas lights and have a very
impressive giant tree that does a light show set to music, so that's why there 
were so many people visiting.  It was beautiful. 

   Mom was trying to shake the swinging bridge to scare Brodie, but it wasn't working! 
 The old mill, just as I remember it.  The giant tree that starts the evening festivities with a big light show set to music.

Part of the nightly Christmas parade.

A view of the giant tree when it isn't dancing with a light show. 


More views of how they light up the entire park.

  Brodie the rule breaker! 

Back in Westville, here Dad & Brodie play a version of dodge ball in which you
get knocked down the stairs.  It gives a new meaning to the term, "You're out!" 

  Me, Brodie, and Mom went to Fayetteville, AR one day to do an arcade day and have 
some other adventures.  I taught Brodie how to play pinball and he was great at it! 
Leaving Oklahoma Back in snowy Montana.  Both beautiful in their own way.  

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