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I always get excited when I can see the Canadian Rockies clearly.  They are often obscured, but are
so beautiful when they shine through. 

  The annual Christmas Tree Lighting celebration in downtown Eureka. 

Frosty view out of my office window.  

 My cute bear hat I found at the thrift store in Eureka.  
A clear, blue-sky day in winter is always an occasion that warrants taking a picture!  It's so beautiful here when it's not gray and gloomy. 


Here is some of that 'gray & gloomy' I was talking about.  The steers are not best pleased.

  Rocket, however, is loving his new cat bed we made for him. 

The snow doesn't often stick to the trees for very long, but is sure is pretty when it does.

  Our Christmas tree.  We had to anchor it to the wall because it fell over on the first day. 
 Buddy wants to know if we can turn the heat up on the outside please.  Our Montana snow dog! 
Following his Dad out onto the ice of the frozen lake.  I did not follow. Wild mountain dog facing the huge snow drifts with courage and style. 
 Ice makes everything beautiful.  Except power outages, they are not beautiful. Our barn looking like a Christmas card scene. 

Our house in the fresh snow.

  Looking over our living room from the stairs. 
 Taking Buddy through some of his tricks. He's good at beg.  He goes into it spontaneously sometimes when we have good food around. 
Davey Clarke was a famous chainsaw artist in Eureka for decades.  He has a special friendship
with Eric's parents.  When Davey retired, he made them this special carving.
The two large trees represent Dan & Rose, and the seven smaller trees are their seven sons. 
Opening gifts with Dan & Rose.  Here she tries out her new neck massager we gave her.



We have an extra gift under our tree - that's Lily looking so sweet.

 Rose's pretty Christmas tree.  

Pretty views on my way to the airport to visit my family in Oklahoma for Christmas. 

  My nephew Brodie's class picture.  He's the tall one, back row center.  The one who looks like
he's having a mug shot taken instead of a class photo.  That boy sure hates having his picture taken!  
A beautiful evening (probably 5pm) after I returned from my trip to Oklahoma. We tried to get a group picture of the owners of The Timbers Lodge, but Buddy had to stand in for Lucas.
We got a big dump of snow and ended up with a large drift in our driveway.  Eric & Erik wrestling, and Lucas & Braden having their own match.  This is how Casazzas interact. 
 The new carpet is in!  It's beautiful.  Eric & Buddy in the snow drift in front of our house. 

This picture was on  That dog looks SO much like Buddy!  

 Our stairs to the front porch got drifted away as well.  

Mike installed under stair lighting at the stage, it looks wonderful! 

 Looking down from the loft of the coffee shop to the newly installed mural, done by
 our good friend Rob Good.  Notice the nasty floor, we will have that fixed soon!  
 Eric decided to put lights on the blue spruce in front of our house.  It's beautiful!  Snow dog Buddy on another winter outdoor adventure. 

Casazza Christmas at Larry & Mary Beth's house. I'm told a good time was had by all.

  Eric got the cone of shame in the Exploding Kittens game. 
Hosting was pretty brave considering they've only lived in this house for a few months!   It's Casazza tradition to do a live Nativity Scene and read the Christmas Story as part of the evening's fun. 

Our house all decorated up for Christmas.  I love it! 

 Another picture of Eric & Buddy in the snow drift, Buddy tries to use Eric 
 to keep himself out of the snow! 

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