November 2021

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A view of the D-C Ranch in Eureka, MT - where Eric and is six brothers grew up.  



Eric, Buddy, and I on a trip to Hamilton, MT.  It's a beautiful town south of Missoula, about a 
4 hour drive from us in Eureka. We found a set of restaurant tables & chairs on Craigslist for
the coffee shop and came to Hamilton to pick them up.  


On a hiking trail with my menfolk.


 The scenery was beautiful. The boys, looking in both directions so that nothing can sneak up on us. 
 Me with my little Buddy. He was getting cold.   
 The mountains in the early morning fog. Another view of the mountain range around Hamilton.
 A coffee shop full of tables & chairs, loaded and ready to go!  Back in Eureka, visiting Jeb & Amy's house to monitor the progress of their new living room. 

A few geese in the field beside our house.

 Colter's Senior Picture  
 Larry sealing logs at the lodge Eric doing the sealer thing on more of the logs.  It looks great! 

This was a multi-purpose meeting.  It was to discuss butcher shop 
stuff as well as celebrate the three late-November birthdays in the family.

  Business is concluded, now the birthday cake can come out! 
 Dan Jr.'s birthday is the 19th, and Rose & Jeb share the 23rd of November. The Casazza idea of a good time, get the kids into a push-up contest for spectator enjoyment. 

Colt & Carter in the push-up contest, trying to wear them out so they'll sleep well! 

  Puppy Oliver, he doesn't like all these strangers in his house! 
Good Gus, he doesn't like Oliver in his house!    Thanksgiving!  Very kindly hosted by Dan & Tracie. 

A romantic getaway weekend in Las Vegas turned into a solo trip when Eric got sick at the
last minute.  Here is a view of the inside of the Luxor from inside the giant pyramid.

  The highlight of the trip was the Cirque du Soleil show Mystère at Treasure Island. 
 Here I visit the overlook of the Hoover Dam. The dam as seen from the overlook. 
 Me & the dam & my audio book. Lake Mead.  I tried to drive down to it, but water is so scarce here they make you pay money
to drive close to it!  
 Beautiful palm trees along the drive A saw a Journey concert on my second night. They have SO many good songs. 
 Taking a quick look at the Freemont Street Experience.  I had given those stickers to Lilly at Thanksgiving.  Tracie was kind enough to 
share the pretty drawing she made from them with me.  She's an artist! 

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