October 2021

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Buddy, giving the town deer a wide berth.  They are NOT afraid of dogs!  On a camping trip in Trego, Larry & Mary Beth came out to spend the evening with us.
Beaver Dam Gus & Buddy are so funny together,  they are cute on their own but somehow ridiculous as a pair.  
Evidence of industrious beavers at work. We decided to take a drive but then we had to wait for a crane crossing.

The boys, busy building our fire.  These two love to be occupied.

  Oops - Gus fell in!  
 Beautiful evening sky. Buddy in the camper.  He loves camping - it's finally a place to sleep where there are no cats! 

On our favorite walk near our house, looking back into town.

  Buddy, hoping we will toss small rocks into shallow water, his favorite activity.

Eric making another of his daring creek crossings.

  Costich Lake during the "Golden Hour", which is what we call the 10 minutes or so per day that the light does this. 

 Costich Lake looking espeically lovely.

My boys, on an important mission.                           

 A cool old barn on an old Barnhart place.  It's on our drive to & from town.  Dickey Lake as seen from a drive to Kalispell. 
 Downtown Kalispell has trees planted all along the residential area that are 
 just amazing during the fall.  
At Abayance Bay on a walk with Kip & Rob and their dog Sadie.  The sharpest mountains 
are the Canadian Rockies. 

The first snow in the mountains!  

 Heading out for a great walk with our buddies.   

The fall view on the drive between Eureka & Kalispell.

Visiting Larry & Mary Beth to meet their new puppy, Oliver.  

On a walk at Costich Lake. 

  The aspen trees are turning and look so pretty.  I love how the reflection
in the water is almost as clear as the real thing. 

At another football game. Feeling grateful for the nice weather, as it could just as 
easily be freezing cold! 

At Timbers Lodge, after removing the stairs to the right of the stage, the boys
discovered that they needed to build a new floor for our future storage area.
 I adore that cute face.  He has on his candy cane bandana for Halloween.  A modern boy baby quilt I made for my friend Leah's future son Drake.  I loved it! 
 Admiring the view from my office window with the fall colors.  Good buddies Eric & Mike at work on the future coffee shop work counters. 
The amazing Charcuterie board prepared by Leah's sister at her baby shower. Leah & Vera opening the baby quilt I made.
 Eric on a climb at Stone Hill.  He has finally found some climbing friends
 up here, thank goodness, so he can do the sport he loves again.

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