September 2021

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 On a hike with Jeb & Amy's crew to Finger Lakes. Jeb and his lovely ladies

Buddy and Rogue enjoying the fish activity.  Aubrey tossed bread to them and the dogs loved it.

  Buddy watching Eric cross the creek.  We had a trail cam on the other side.
 Jackpot!  This is what you get when your human is part-owner of a butcher shop!  The Timbers Lodge looking beautiful.   

Opie is a Jack Russel who lives along our route to the post office.  Buddy used to whine
as we drove by, so eventually we made friends with his owner so that the dogs could visit.

  He is an adorable ball of energy.



This is the face he gives us each time we leave his house. 

  My first paper-pieced project, entered in the Flathead Quilt Show in Kalispell. 
My friend Nancy Richwine made this adorable quilt. A quilt I liked in a vendor booth. 

An impressive quilt made by one of the new members of our guild.

A table topper I admired at the show.   
I took this so I'd remember these cute borders around a lovely quilt. This was a quilt I made out of old sheets.  It's been the quilt people seem to
love most of everything I've made. 
 A quilt design I admired.  Me with one of my quilts at the Flathead Quilt Guild show. 

My quilt "Sparkle Blue" at the Flathead show. 
The teal fabric has a beautiful shimmer.

   My quilt, another Swoon pattern, in the Flathead show. 
 Another quilt I admired in a vendor booth. My "Chain of Roses" quilt won a ribbon!  Third place in it's category.

The Timbers Lodge all spruced up for a baby shower.

Super surprise!  My friend Sharyl, from my OKC early morning spin class,
was visiting Kalispell that weekend.  She came to the quilt show and then
Eric & I had a lovely dinner with her & her husband afterward. 
This was the first big event held there.  On a walk with Amy at Indian Springs Golf course.  They have a walking trail there that's so lovely. 
 More Indian Springs. One more view from our Indian Springs walk. 
I planted ONE spaghetti squash plant and harvested 28 of those suckers!  
I gave some to everyone who would take them and vowed never to plant them again. 
Eric and Larry putting sealer on the sanded logs.  It made a HUGE difference in how nice they looked. 
You can see the stairs in the doorway to the right, they took those out, rebuilt the floor underneath,
and created a storage area for the tables and chairs in that area.  It's a great improvement.

This side already has one coat of sealer on the logs.  The front of the stage comes next. 



One day I had a need to go up Tobacco Road, which has some spots that give very sweeping views of Eureka.

Buddy & I trespassed on a lot that was for sale to capture these pictures of the Tobacco Valley & Eureka. You could even see the Canadian Rockies that day.  So pretty! 


At a Eureka Lions football game to watch Sophomore Braden play.

  Uncle Tim, Rose, and Dan getting ringside seats.
Our truck Billy, hauling hay from our hay field.  The steers swarm the hay while Eric & Mark
are trying to get it stacked in the barn.  Here they are in acres of green grass, but they think
the hay is some kind of treat.  
On an outing with Jeb & Amy to Sunday falls.
Buddy, nervous that we are going to drop him in the water or something. Even more nervous now. 
 A lovely shot of Jeb & Amy. Eric, always having to push the envelope. 
I'm not even over the water with him, but he's still nervous!    

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