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You might have read by now that I suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure in 2021 which took quite a few of my photos with it.  August was a month that got hit particularly hard.  I really only had one photo survive from this month, a family selfie that I had thankfully texted to my parents.  It was taken during a 3-day outing that Buddy, Eric, and I enjoyed in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  We had a lot of fun that weekend, including rock climbing and strolling around the beautiful city.  You'll just have to take my word for it though! 

I sent away to have Buddy's DNA analyzed.  He was just too unusual-looking for me to rest 
without knowing what building blocks went into such a unique-looking dog. Here's my answer!  

  Embark gave us some "DNA Relatives" of Buddy's who look surprisingly similar. 
This is Gracie, she is 82% similar to Buddy in DNA percentages. 
I think she looks the most like him though. 

This is Twister, he is 87% similar to Buddy by DNA percentages.

They look a lot alike, but I think Twister might be more of a people-pleaser than Buddy, 
who lives to be served by his humans.  

  This is Hank, he is 88% similar to Buddy by DNA percentages.
When we first adopted Buddy, he had a "mane" like Hank's.  The groomer wanted to dye it purple! 
One day after a walk with Amy in which Buddy disappeared at the end for 45 minutes, 
he made things even worse by finally returning home covered in chunks of poop.  Yipee.
Here's the one photo that survived from our three-day vacation in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  
It was a good trip, whether we have any proof or not!  

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