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Our July activities started with a family gathering for July 4th (also Kristi's birthday) at Lucas & Kristi's house.    There's always plenty for everyone to do at Lucas & Kristi's spot on the lake
 Corn hole is always popular with the Casazza males Dan & Rose couldn't sit still when "Proud to be An American" came on.

Beautiful view at sunset on Lake Koocanusa

Kristi enjoying a moment of peace for her birthday  
One thing I haven't said much about is "The Lodge" which is what we all call the old Lodgecraft
building on the hill above town.  Lucas & Kristi, me & Eric, and Larry & Mary Beth all went in 
together in April to buy it and turn it into an event center and sit-down coffee shop. We've all put
a ton of time, energy, money, and sweat equity into it since then.   

The Casazza Ranch, the D-C (pronounced D bar C), looking lovely. The landscaping project was taken on by me, Larry, and Mary Beth.  It was SO HOT 
when we moved and spread these rocks one July day.  It was very hard work. 
Here's a shot of the finished product - whiskey barrel planters. Also a touch of landscaping on the side.  The wood on the roof is part of a different project.
 Here's Buddy after his first skunk encounter.  He had to spend the night in the garage.   Colt & Carter were playing in the ditch one day, so of course, Buddy had to get right 
 in the middle of it.  Even though he's just as likely to growl at them as play with them. 

This was my first attempt at making this quilt for Katie's bridal shower.
Unfortunately, I couldn't stand the randomness of the block placement.

  I ended up ripping the entire quilt top apart and sewing it back together
in a more regular design.  Hopefully it makes a better gift this way. 
 Scenes from Katie's bridal shower.  

Lily.  This cat bed is actually larger, but if I fold it up small then she loves it.


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