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I had a hard drive crash that ended up costing me some photos, but I still have quite a few from June 2021 to share.  One thing I lost that I regret is a trip Eric, Buddy, and I made to Therriault Lakes.  I got some great pictures that day, including one I had planned to blow up to hang up at home.  Oh well, guess we'll just have to go back again next year and see if we can recapture that beauty!  
 One exciting thing from June was the purchase of a new treadmill for me.  It's a 
 Freemotion Flex, which is the "springy" kind used by Orange Theory Fitness.
 It is commercial grade and extremely heavy, so it became a front porch decoration
 for most of the month of June. 
Each June Kalispell glows with yellow fields like this.  Google says it's Canola.


 Highlights from the Bigfork Quilt Show.
 The cherries are little yo-yos - it was SO cute! 
Love this one - Log Cabin center, tree blocks, and bear paws.
 I'm a sucker for chain quilts This was the raffle quilt for 2021, made by our Eureka Quilt Guild. 
I need to buy the pattern for this one, I'd love to make it.  More of the beautiful Canola fields as seen on my way back from Bigfork. 
One morning this female elk was on our drive as I headed to town.  
Glacier Park was difficult to get into this summer, so here Amy & I take a bike ride near the park. Looking into the park from our riding path. 
 Afterward we went to Lake McDonald and relaxed on the shore.  So beautiful!  After a full month of the treadmill sitting in our front door, we coerced our nephew Dillon
into coming over to help us get it moved downstairs.  He is strong and also engineering 
minded, so he & Eric devised some clever tricks to get it down there.
Now they've rigged up 2x4s across the top of the stairway and climbing ropes with which 
to lower it slowly.  Eric decided to ride it down in order to control the speed of descent. 
Having second thoughts about riding that baby down the steps! 

They got it to the bottom, but it was too heavy to get it around the corner,
so it sat at the bottom of the stairs for the rest of that day. 

That evening we had a Casazza gathering at our house, including a birthday (cup)cake
cake for Larry.
Scenes of the get-together
 Indoors was full too  
 Hunter loved that green icing!  This was our first chance to meet Jen, Mark's new love.  
Spoiler alert: by Christmas she'll have an engagement ring on her finger! 
 Butcher Shop business meeting  
 Outdoor activities for the kids  
   Buddy trying to get in on the action

And just before everyone left, we recruited all the Casazza men we could to help get the
treadmill the rest of the way into the basement.  I love it!! 

   Me & my sidekick on an adventure
There are cat beds all over my office, but all three of them wanted to be a bit closer than that.  Yes, Eric actually transported these irrigation pipes from the ranch to our house this way. 

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