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I suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure this summer.  One of the things I lost was pretty much every photo I'd taken in May.  I am relying on the photography of others in order to capture a little of what we did this month. 

 A big deal for us was buying 
our very own camper.

After many years of car camping,
we get a real bed and toilet and kitchen.  Hurray!

We used it in early May for a short trip
to Peck Gulch.  A good time was had by all.
With Buddy having the maximum enjoyment, of course! 


Casazza Branding Day - Thank you Jazzy for the photos! 

This annual tradition involves all hands on deck to tag and brand the D-C calves, 
as well as our latest batch of steers for Montana Mountain Angus.  
Mark is great at working the head gate.  
 Noah & Kristi Lucas, Noah, and Carter
 Action shot.  Ouch!   They tip the calves over sideways to work them. 
 Lucas & Noah Noah & Aubrey
 Cowboy Carter  Noah gets into the day with Rose watching on
 Noah, watching closely so he can help out some day Eric has his intense face on
 Dan Sr (Grandpa Dan) handing out some advice  Grandma Rose enjoying her time with Noah
 Hanna and Carter The end - literally 

During this spring, a grizzly bear came through Casazza
property and took one of a set of twin calves.

Later on the same bear found a horse carcass on the
neighbor's property, so the forest service brought out the 
trap to relocate him.

The bear was collared and they were tracking him.
I'm pretty sure in the end, he relocated himself.

South Fork Camping - Memorial Weekend

It's Casazza family tradition to go camping on Memorial weekend at the South Fork of the Flathead River.
Some years we have a big crowd.  This year we were few but mighty.  It was Dan, Tracie, and Lane; 
Mark & Colt; Ashley, Cody, Hunter, and Lily; and me & Eric with Buddy.  

I took a lot of pictures, especially at this place and of Buddy.  These are the only two photos of mine
to survive - because I had texted them to Mark.  Here's Eric (left) and Mark, sharing a fishing pole. 
 Mark, enjoying fishing at this beautiful spot. 

Thank you Ashley for sharing the rest of these photos! 

 Hunter & Lily Tracie, Lane, Colt, Hunter, and Dan
 Hunter, the wild man Cody caught a nice fish

 Hunter & Lily

 So cute!  Father & son. Hunter loves his Uncle Lane! 
 Great picture of Ashley with her kids. Hunter is such an ornery little dude
 that it's hard to get a picture where he isn't clowning around! 
  One more thing - Amy Casazza got elected to a 3-year post on the Eureka School Board
this month.  This is a great accomplishment, as she has such a heart for the kids.  
Congratulations Amy!  

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