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March Meanderings 
One day we took a drive up Graves Creek road, just to see how far into the mountains
we could get. We got this nice view of Therriault Pass and also ran into Roger Hall.
 Handsome guy by Graves Creek.

Eric playing 'snowball fetch' with Buddy.  He couldn't figure out why the balls kept disappearing! 

 Buddy does NOT like to be held near water or cliff edges.  Can you tell?   
 Running in the snow with Buddy, having fun. On the way out we stopped for a walk in the warmer weather.  Here we play Buddy's 
favorite game, "the rock game" where you throw pebbles into shallow water.  
 Of course, if there's a log across a creek then Eric has to walk over it. Here Eric tries to convince Buddy to come join him. 

Buddy is wishing that Dad would stop goofing around and just get us back to safety!  

 I was completely shocked that Buddy did it, he's usually a bit chicken!   

Beautiful sunset with the snow in the mountains and the clouds all building up.

Our church was built in 1906.  I think it is such a pretty building.


This is the inside.  

Say Cheese! 

 Lane's 12th birthday party.  Celebrate!   
I can't believe that hat looks so perfect on him and he didn't even try it on before they bought it!   He got everything he needs to work the ranch with his dad - boots, jean jacket, and hat. 

Colter did really great at pole vaulting, he went to state in May.  

 This is when Eric drives into the garage but sits in the truck, talking on the phone.  
 Sleepy Lily Sleepy Feisty
 Our yard was a sea of deer pellets. This picture doesn't do it justice.   My disc-golf gang.  I'll bet you didn't even know that was a thing!  
 We made a visit to the ranch to look at the new calves.  They are so cute!  I love this color of cow, I call it cinnamon.  So pretty. 

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