February Foibles

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Our February Foibles
 I started the month by attending my very first quilting retreat.  It was great!  The location
was beautiful too, Glacier Bible Camp in Lakeside, MT.  
The lodge was right on the banks of Flathead Lake

The sewing room was very spacious, well-lit, and comfortable.

  Mom gave me these sewing socks for Christmas, my friends loved them!

We got a lot of snow in Lakeside over the weekend, but Eureka was all clear.  

 A lounge room off of the main dining hall.  It was lovely.   
I was given this little stuffed animal as a retreat gift, but it has been confiscated.   The following weekend I dropped Eric at the climbing gym and I went to the 
Conrad Mansion to see their antique quilt show.  It was lovely.  
 They added quilts to every room of the house so the tour was twice as interesting.    The huge rocks that make up this fireplace were so impressive. 

This tiny yo-yo quilt was SO impressive!  This would have taken so very long to make. 

 One of my favorite quilts I saw there.  

I thought this was a very cool pattern, someone was 
non-traditional before that was a thing!

  I loved this pattern so much that I made my own version of this quilt the following week.  
This is another layout that I've never seen before.  This show was certainly worth the trip!  Family Fun Day - Cross Country Skiing at Dog Creek Lodge

Buddy loved cross-country skiing because that meant Eric and I finally could go as fast as Buddy
likes to go, so he didn't get bored with always waiting for us to catch up. 

This dog-friendly cross-country ski place is so nice!  We had a great time here.  

A frozen lake we saw during our session.

  Me & the Bud-ster.  If he looks nervous it's because I fell about 20 times that day.
He figured out the meaning of "watch out" that day!  
 Here Buddy has a case of what we call "Crazy Brain."  Sometimes he loses his mind and
 just takes off running at full speed in any random direction.
He's so fast in "Crazy Brain" mode that I can't even get him in the shot!  
 It was a really beautiful day. Buddy kept a close eye on me.  I think it was to make sure I didn't land on him. 

This is how most eating times go for Buddy.  He gives Lily a sidelong glare as she 
makes it clear that she'd like to have his food.  It's hard to eat and growl at the same
time, but Buddy can do it.

  Proud owner of a big bone from the butcher shop.  

The service is terrible at this joint, I've been waiting for half an hour to be served!  

  I got new bedding in order to bribe the cats into sleeping with us.  It worked! 
 I always have to document the clear sky days in winter.  It's so pretty! Eric's latest bargain.  Bought from a Canadian auction, converted into US dash controls,
behold "Billy", our new trailer-hauling truck.  

Taking a different route back home from our typical path.  Eric likes to mix things up. 

Our daily walk often goes like this - me 10 feet behind Eric who is 
on the phone and totally absorbed in his conversation.  

The Canadian Rockies were saying hello that day.

  Eric has been spending lots of time on Eureka Mini Storage, his latest business venture
with brother Lucas. 
 Taking Buddy for a walk on a trail north of town.  The 69 Ranch.  This used to be a huge ranch, one of the original ranches in the valley I think.  
 I've finally gotten back into working out regularly in our basement gym.  Lily is a pretty
 constant workout partner.  I can't do kettle bell workouts when the cats are around, I'm
 too afraid of beaning them on the head!  
It's rare to get a picture of all three cats in one place.  Here they are waiting for me to
come upstairs and feed them.  
I don't usually force pictures of my quilts on people, but this was one of my favorites.
The lavender bits were sparkly.  It was beautiful! 

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