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Here are some pictures of our January Jaunts.  Enjoy! 
One day we decided to drive over to Glacier Park to see how it was doing. We at lunch beside Lake MacDonald.  Here Eric is trying to finish his meal. 
  We had the whole place to ourselves. 


Other January photos

Sad day at ES Ranch - Mark, Dan, & Eric loading up our steers to take them for processing.  
 I am so smitten with this dog! The Canadian Rockies were showing off that evening.  And by evening I mean around 4:30pm.
Winter days are SO short here! 
 Lily loves the fire place.  Sometimes I think Eric starts a fire just for her.  The tall blonde is Braden and the blonde to the right of him is Erik - the two
oldest sons of Lucas & Kristi.  
 Number 14 on the far side is Colter, Jeb & Amy's son. Spoiled Puppy, hoping for a handout. 
 When we get clear skies in the winter, it's a photo-worthy event!  Lovely sunset one afternoon.
 On Senior Day, here are Jeb, Amy, Colter, Madison, and Aubrey Casazza And our friends Kaitlyn, Kerri, Corbin, John, and Cole Hurst.  They are usually very fun 
people, but here they look like they are being sentenced to jail!  

Nap time!  Buddy is a great napping partner.

  A blue sky day, our favorite! 

Buddy is as uneasy about walking on a frozen lake as I am.  

   Some ice fishermen on Costich Lake out in front of our house.  Not given access by us, for the record! 

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