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We had a busy and beautiful December!

Graves Creek Trip


Eric was feeling a little stir crazy one day, so we decided to drive up Graves Creek Rd.  
This is a road that leads high up into some national forest and is always a nice trip. 

  Here Buddy examines some very interesting tracks in the snow. 

Graves Creek, looking beautiful in the snow. 

  My boys, posing for the camera. 

Heading back into town, this shows the inversion "clouds" that block the sun from us on many days in winter.  




Larry and Mary Beth haven't been able to host as many parties as they'd like to this year
because of Covid-19 concerns.  However, they put on one heck of a bonfire in December
that was enjoyed by all who attended.  It was a nice outing! 
  This was taken shortly after Larry raked a bunch of dirt into the fire.  Thanks Larry!  :-)
 Their barn was looking beautiful in the snow that night.   
The Crevice

I have always wanted to go to The Crevice, a neat canyon in Trego.  No one could ever
give me directions until my sister-in-law Amy visited, then she was able to provide very
precise and easy instructions on how to get there - of course!  That's what Amy does! 

Here's a view of the amazing scenery as we drove up into Trego one Monday afternoon.  

  Eric and Buddy blaze the trail. 
 Just at the start of the crevice area, the snow made everything look magical.  Eric snapped this picture of me wearing my "Buddy Belt" while heading into the unknown.
Cheese!  Me & Buddy pose for a photo op.  Here we get into the first of the beautiful frozen waterfalls. 

The whole way in you walk on ice where you can here and sometimes 
see the river flowing beneath you.  I will admit, it freaked this Okie girl out!

My shoe is at the bottom of this photo, and those other black things are 
holes where flowing water was visible.  But yet we walked right over it.  Yikes! 

 Thank goodness someone put a rope ladder here, when some of our family
 visited previously, they had to climb up this boulder themselves.  I thought 
 that even using the ladder was a challenge! 
 At the back of the canyon, you find this majestic ice creation.  Nice work God!  Two views of it.  There were a group of ice climbers there enjoying it that day. 

Buddy kept slipping on the ice.  But he still sniffed everywhere, I guess he could still
smell things despite the ice.  

 Heading out.   

Driving out, more of the winter wonderland beauty in Trego.


Home again, the sun came out long enough to light up the mountains near out house. 

My birthday

My birthday is Christmas Eve, and except for one other time, I've always spent it with my parents.
My family always makes a big fuss over me on my birthday and it's a hoot to be treated so special
like that.  But alas, this year it just wasn't in the cards for me to go to Oklahoma - so Eric and Buddy
did their best to give me a special day.  

It started with some blue skies and a lot of sun, quite a treat for us here in winter! 

  Out on a walk with Eric and Buddy, Eric tries to get me to walk on the frozen lake.
It kept making cracking noises and I couldn't calm down about it, so I went back to shore. 

Eric took me out for lunch on my birthday and I ordered my favorite meal - breakfast!  It was great.

That evening we went to Dan & Rose's house for gift opening and a special traditional 
Casazza Christmas meal - Norwegian lutefisk and lefsa.  Lefsa is a thin potato bread
and lutefisk is a fish that's been cooked until it turns into a kind of jelly. You have to be
taught to like it from childhood or else it's hard to appreciate!  

Christmas Day
  On Christmas Day we celebrated with a nice long walk in the snow with our Buddy boy. 



Buddy investigates a hole we saw along the way.  

 We had a freezing fog the night before so the trees were truly beautiful.   
 Heading down the hill toward our home.  It was a winter wonderland in the trees.    That evening the family gathering was hosted by Luke and Kristi.  

The kids draw names and do a gift exchange.  Here they were taking turns opening gifts
by order of age - youngest first.  

  Grandma Rose with Carter, Braden, and Cooper. 
 Sweet Hanna got a young scientist kit for Christmas - she looks the part!  Buddy's Christmas picture.  He's so handsome!  

New Year's Eve

At 4pm on New Year's Eve, we realized that we hadn't heard where the family would be 
gathering for the celebration.  We got a wild hair and decided to invite everyone to our house
on about 3 hours notice.  Of course, everyone pitched in with food and drinks, and it was great! 
Here we're playing games and Jeb is telling everyone how they could be playing better.  
 Lucas & Kristi, enjoying a joke at Lucas' expense.    

General Sights from December 


Our nearest Subaru dealership is the bomb.  While waiting for my oil change
recently, I enjoyed this fireplace and Buddy enjoyed treats and attention from
nearly all of the staff.  AND they washed my car afterward.  Score!  


 Buddy looks like a little puppy when he sleeps.   Romping in the snow, he has such a great time for about 45 minutes, then he gets too cold.  

Here comes that wild man now. 


Lily is passionate about the fireplace.  She can often be found sleeping slightly too
close to the fire.  

  Buddy turns on the watery eyes when I have ham or something else he'd like me to share.  
 I went out into the field one day and felt like the Pied Piper.  The steers were following
 me around like my jacket was made of hay or something.  One of them let me pet him. 

It's always a treat when we can see the mountains during winter.  This shows them peeking up above 
the inversion layer that we get so often.  Our town is right between a huge lake and the mountains, so
this causes this low-hanging cloud layer that blocks out the sun.  But on this day we saw the sky! 

   One day I was working out in the basement when I heard strange noises.  
 I looked out the window and was quite surprised to find a muskrat looking
back at me!  We have this board stuck in the window well so that animals
can get out, but his little soft feet were not up to the task.  He made it 6"
up the ramp and got so tired that he fell asleep. 

I called my sweet husband and he left work to come home and rescue him for me.  What a guy!
That woke the little feller up, but Eric soon had him herded into a cat carrier and then released 
back at the lake where he belongs.  

  Good job Eric! 
 Our friends Kip & Rob put up this huge cross on their porch that looks so lovely at night.   Looking toward our barn one clear evening at sunset.  


Eric & Lucas are partnering up to build mini-storage units north of Eureka.  They've poured
two HUGE foundations (30' by 200') this month and it was a LOT of work.  
Both pour days were more than 14 hours long, and each ended with Eric walking around
on the foundation in his sock feet, putting warming blankets on the fresh concrete.  

Eric and Buddy and I enjoyed a date night one evening, out looking at 
Christmas decorations in Whitefish and buying my birthday gift - snow boots - yea! 

  There are several groups of Pickleball players in town.  One evening Eric and Mark got 
to learn from friends and neighbors on our road.  They loved it.


A blurry shot of our Christmas decorations.  You can't tell, but the clear thing toward the 
right side of the picture is a lovely cross my Dad made for me.  

  One fine day Jeb, Amy, and Aubrey came down the hill to pull Aubrey on a 
boogie board on the ice.  Then we all took a nice 2-mile walk together in the snow. 

Aubrey is a wild thing!  You can't scare that girl, she's fearless.  


The trees were looking so pretty all along the walk. 

  They were trying to make the snow from a branch fall on the person behind them. 

When the Canadian Rockies want to show off, they don't go half-way.  This is amazingly beautiful to me.  
This was taken from our driveway.  

 Bold Buddy.  Just before he got cold and begged to be let back inside the house!    

Buddy (bottom left) chasing deer who can't muster the energy to pretend to be afraid.  


The Canadian Rockies were so pretty that night, I had to put a large picture of it in here. I just love this. 


Our mountains were showing off too! 

  Frozen fog on the trees - amazingly beautiful.   

Eric, ice fishing out in front of our house.  Yes, he is taking an axe to the very ice that
he is standing on.  I don't think I will ever want to try ice fishing!  

  When the sun shines on that frozen fog, it is amazing! 
 Some lovely views of the mountains one clear morning at sunrise.  i.e. - 8:30am!    

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