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We had quite the month this month, as we sold our home in Oklahoma City and went there to empty it out.  The trip back was an odyssey of bad weather and other adventures.  Emotionally and physically it was a trying month, but also rewarding. 

Rocket "assisting" me as I quilt a baby quilt

  Lily, requesting to be petted.

Buddy, wishing I didn't spend so much time in the sewing room

  Lily enjoying a sunny afternoon on the screened porch

Buddy delights in the benefits of knowing the owners of the local butcher shop
(Eric's parents!) 

  Buddy, giving us the glassy-eyes in hopes of getting some of our food
 Lions football.  Colter and Braden are on the team. Here Colter tells this guy, "Talk to the hand."  
 One Saturday in early October we had a mini-adventure of a day in the West Kootenai
 for our first auction experience.  I prefer estate sales - you can get in & out faster!  
It started out cold and misty, but turned into a beautiful day. Buddy enjoyed all the neat smells. 
 The owner of the home had a LOT of amateur taxidermy which Buddy closely examined.  Since we were in Amish country, the parking lot looked a little different than usual.  
 A view into Canada from our driveway one clear morning And now for something completely different!  I got to visit my family in Oklahoma briefly 
before I began the huge chore of packing up the OKC house.  Here we are at a small festival. 

Jiayi has started a photography business, you can see she's really good!  

 We only managed to squeeze in one farewell visit, our friends Wei & Jiayi and their 
 girls Charlotte, Melody, and Isabel came to see us off as we finished packing the U-Haul.

On our last night in OKC, we spent a magical evening at Chisholm Creek.  It's a group
of restaurants centered around a lovely lake.  They have a live music stage out in the water
and fire pits, lounge furniture, corn hole, giant Jenga - so many cool things to do and see.  

  Starting the trip from OKC to Eureka, MT.  Normally a 3 day drive, the weather was against
us so it took 4 this time.  Eric drove the 20 foot U-Haul and I followed in his truck. 
Day 1 was high winds all the way across Kansas.  Poor Eric never ate all day, he was so 
nervous from being blown around in that giant sail of a vehicle.  

Day 2 ended early when we ran into a big snow & ice storm in northern Wyoming.  
This was the scene on Day 3 after the storm had blown through.

  The road conditions were so bad we had to find someone to hire to drive the U-Haul the
rest of the way to Eureka for us so that Eric could drive me in his truck.  It was bad!  
We spent an entire day crawling along on Interstate highways that looked like this.  
No sand, no plowing, just wreck after wreck.  There were jackknifed semi trucks, what a mess! 
 But at least the scenery was beautiful. 


The Mission Mountains south of Flathead Lake


Finally home again, greeted by a beautiful sunset.

  Later in the month, we had this amazing sunrise also. 

The final game of the year for the Lincoln County High School Lions.  A playoff game
was held one sunny Saturday in late October, which unfortunately, was the end of the season. 

 One more shot of the beautiful sunrise.   

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