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I didn't take many photos this month, but I hope you enjoy the ones I have.  

A Republican gathering we attended in Kalispell.  Very informative and it was good to
support our party. 

The cats are forbidden from being on the dining table.  Lily, however, 
believes she has found a loophole. 
Aunt Shawnna served up made-to-order Soda Stream drinks for Lane, Colt, and Aubrey. Buddy was looking out the window, when he turned to look at me the curtain stuck on his head.  Cute! 

Farewell Bishops Gate

One of my jobs for September was to travel to OKC to get our house there ready to sell.
I wanted to save the professional photos as a way of remembering this house we loved. 
   This was my sewing room.  I preferred how it looked when it was filled with my sewing gear! 

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