All-out in August
August 2020

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We celebrated Eric's 52nd birthday this month, and also enjoyed some other adventures.  See for yourself!   

This summer we had a Wednesday night family Bible study in which Rose would fix 
huge, wonderful meals.  We'd all eat together, then have our group Bible study.  
On this evening, we celebrated Eric's birthday after the study with cake & ice cream.  

  Hunter loves a party
On a visit to Larry & Mary Beth's, the guys checking out a tree.  Looking at Colter's construction project. 

Looking forward to enjoying Larry & Mary Beth's indoor/outdoor porch
and hot tub with them someday.  What a great view! 

  This is how Buddy lets me know that I need to take a break from sewing. 

I joined Jeb & Amy's crew for an outdoor concert at the Flathead Fair, it was great.  

  A bee on one of my flowers in the flower bed out front. 

Beautiful sunset as seen from my office window.

  That same view reflected in the other side of the window
Second from the left is our neice Kaitlyn Casazza.  This group was featured in a recent article
in the magazine Montana Outdoors.  Here is a link to the PDF of the article
After several months of not much on the trail cam, we got these shots of a Grizzly in the apple
tree in August.  
I have to keep explaining to those who have heard Grizzlies can't climb trees, this is a special
tree in that the branches are leaned over to make them easy to climb.  
Thanks to these photos, I was banned from walking my favorite trail without Eric for months! 

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